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Amanda Seyfried Meets New ‘Mean Girls’ Star Avantika in Cute Photos: ‘Karen Meet Karen’

There’s a 100% opportunity that the OG celebrity and the beginner had a great time during their most memorable gathering.

Amanda Seyfried met her Mean Young ladies match! The OG famous actor, 38, and the new 2024 melodic film entertainer Avantika Vandanapu showed up in new photographs together, and they couldn’t avoid getting into their common person, Karen.

“Karen meet Karen,” Avantika subtitled an Instagram post, which highlighted two photographs of her and the Dropout star holding up their bosoms in the very way that Karen is known to do in the 2004 film. One of the person’s last minutes in the first is the point at which she functions as the school’s climate columnist and says, “There’s a 31 percent chance that it’s now coming down.”

Numerous debuts of the new melodic film have occurred for this present week in New York City, London and Los Angeles. In spite of the fact that fans didn’t see Amanda walk the pink rug, everybody got to see the first Cady Heron, Lindsay Lohan, wears pink despite the fact that it wasn’t on Wednesday.

While discussing the inheritance that Tina Fey‘s film has left, Lindsay, 37, told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s gone the distance. I feel truly thankful. At the end of the day, rarely would you have this large number of motion pictures that do that. Mean Young ladies truly opened the entryways for a great deal of things happening in schools. I believe it’s likewise a truly fun film, so it’s actually a gift.”

The new flick presents a shiny new cast. Beside Avantika, Angourie Rice plays Cady, Reneé Rapp depicts Regina George and Bebe Wood plays Gretchen. Only a couple of months prior, Lindsay rejoined with Amanda and Lacey Chabert for a Mean Young ladies propelled Walmart the biggest shopping day of the year business. Rachel McAdams was not in the commercial, and she has not made an appearance to the new film debuts.

During her ET pink rug interview, Lindsay noticed that she, Amanda and Lacey stayed dear companions right up ’til now.

“The three of us are companions,” the Freaky Friday star said. “I love Amanda, and she’s done so well with her vocation. She’s a particularly incredible entertainer and Lacey too. We’re old buddies and that makes the biggest difference.”

In December 2023, entertainer Allison Winn — who depicts the new Carolina Krafft — talked solely with The Magazine City about the bond she and her Mean Young ladies co-stars shared on set of the new film.

“[Angourie’s] a flat out doll face to face, and she’s simply practical and delightful and exquisite and proficient,” Allison spouted. Since the entire cast got to work close by Tina, Allison noticed that the previous Saturday Night Live essayist guaranteed a “easygoing” vibe on the set. “This is a particularly incredible film right now,” she proceeded. “Thus, we were all humming being there. Also, the entertainers I got to work with were astounding.”

Mean Young ladies is in theaters now.