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Dua Lipa & Seth Meyers ‘Focused On Existence’ With His New Tattoos: Watch

The ‘Dance The Night’ songstress showed up on the television host’s show on January 9 and the two of them wound up leaving the show with matching ink.

Genuine best buds get matching tattoos together! Dua Lipa, 28, showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers on January 9 and chose to honor her companionship with Seth Meyers, 50, by getting tattoos on live television together. In the clasp, the moderator made sense of that he went “day drinking” with the Barbie entertainer around special times of year and “didn’t get to everything” on their plan for the day, so they selected to do their tattoos during her television appearance.

Before the pair plunked down to finish their new ink by New York tattoo craftsman Bang Bang, Dua and Seth chose to participate in some fluid support. Seth presented the “Barbie Dreamhouse shot bobsled,” which they made to make efforts of alcohol in front of their tattoo meeting. Seth went first while the hitmaker poured down the fluid. “Good gracious,” Dua kidded minutes prior to pouring the tequila down the toy waterslide.

After Dua made her effort of tequila from the slide, they joined Bang for their new work of art. At first, Seth needed a “single dab” inked, in any case, Dua ringed in to dissent. “Indeed, I figure we ought to… . perhaps a little star,” she told her buddy. Seth kidded that Dua was “acting deceptively” on him since this would be his absolute first tattoo. They made one more effort of tequila to siphon them up for the pivotal turning point.

Dua went first, as this was not her most memorable rodeo. She owned up to Seth that she has around 20 tattoos, remembering a heart for her lower arm. The “One Kiss” hitmaker decided to have the star put on the inward piece of her foot. Nonetheless, Seth decided to have his star go in favor of his calf. “We will be, as, reinforced forever,” she told the dad of-three. Seth likewise made another effort of alcohol before he began his tattoo.

When Bang started to tattoo Seth, the Saturday Night Live alum conceded that the agony was “not all that terrible.” The television character then kidded that it was “truly amusing” that he made it “this long” in his existence without getting inked. After Seth flaunted the finished work of art, Dua spouted and referred to it as “awesome.” Fans responded to the tattoo cut by means of Instagram. “Such extraordinary science. would def love more experiences of Seth and Dua,” one admirer composed, while one more ringed in with, “I love the wonderful way worried Seth was.”