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‘EnvelopeGate’: How The Oscars Will Prevent Another ‘La La Land’ Mix-Up

After a year ago’s Best Picture catastrophe at the Oscars where the wrong film was named, there’s a stringent new arrangement of tenets set up for 2018 to keep another ‘Envelopegate.’

It was an Oscars first — and now ideally a last — when Faye Dunaway reported La La Land as Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, just to have been given the wrong envelope and Moonlight was the genuine champ. It was inconceivable that such a mess could have happened, particularly with the greatest honor of the night! Presently PricewaterhouseCoopers, the bookkeeping firm responsible for counting the votes and deciding the champs, has set up a progression of extreme new defends to ensure such a humiliating circumstance never happens again.

Most importantly, the two PwC accomplices Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz responsible for passing out envelopes won’t be a piece of the 2018 function the association’s executive Tim Ryan tells the Associated Press. For the executives who get the respect in 2018, they will be prohibited from utilizing individual gadgets and online networking when on their vital assignments. Cullinan had posted a Twitter photograph from backstage of Best Actress victor Emma Stone giving her acknowledgment discourse and presently he professedly wound up giving the wrong envelope to moderators Faye and Warren Beatty. Rather than giving them the Best Picture victor envelope that had Moonlight’s name, he gave the reinforcement duplicate of the Best Actress envelope which made Dunaway read off La Land in disarray.

Another methodology will be set up during the current year’s function where both the star who is introducing the classification and additionally the stage chief will affirm that the right classification envelope is in the celeb’s hands previously they make that big appearance. The firm will incorporate a third vote accomplice who will sit in the show’s control stay with Oscar makers and he/she won’t just have a duplicate of the greater part of victors’ envelopes, they will likewise have the whole rundown focused on their own memory! That is to guarantee that if for any reason the greater part of the other security measures fall flat, they will have the capacity to tell show’s makers quickly if any wrong chosen one is delegated a victor.

Ideally that last method will ensure that we never observe the agonizing minute where La La Land‘s maker Josh Horowitz could make that big appearance and get most of the way into a Best Picture acknowledgment discourse before tumult broke out and makers and stage chiefs jumped in. He was demonstrated the right victor’s card and to the stun of the whole review gathering of people uncovered, “Folks, folks, I’m sad. No. There’s an error. Moonlight, you folks won best picture.” He even held up the card with the film’s name since individuals thought he was kidding. That minute will go down in Oscars disgrace so PwC needs to ensure it never at any point happens again with these new methodology.

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