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How Taylor Swift Managed Her Dramatic Closet Glitch: Watch

During the third evening of her ‘Times Visit’ run in Stockholm, Taylor Swift tore open her dress in front of an audience to fix an issue with her sound gadget.

Taylor Swift skillfully dealt with a little closet glitch while performing on the third evening of her “Times Visit” run in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday, May 19. During the unexpected tunes part of the setlist, Taylor noticed that the sound gadget that was connected to her outfit had come unraveled, and she expected to fix it. She immediately ran out of the way of the stage to fix it.

As Taylor, 34, approached the mic stand, she was coming to rearward of her dress, apparently attempting to change the gadget. She went up to the mic stand with her guitar close by, she saw that the sound gadget had come unraveled, and she expected to fix it. She told the group “talk among yourselves,” while she headed toward the piano seat and tore open the dress.


Stockholm n3 we did talk amongst ourselves 😂 #erastour @taylorswift #stockholmn3 #surprisesongs @Taylor Nation

♬ original sound – Travelparis

The “Wannabe” vocalist was wearing a staggering blue dress, yet as she took a seat at the seat, she opened the dress, uncovering a gold tank top and some shimmering dark short-shorts. She was changing the gadget on her shorts, and a team part ran in front of an audience to help her. Subsequent to fixing it, she shut the dress down and went to go perform once more.

During the unexpected melody piece of the set, she played a Max Martin mixture mashup on guitar, comprising of her tunes “Message in a Container”, “How You Get the Young lady”, and “New Sentimental people.” On piano, she played out the live presentation of The Tormented Writers Division: The Collection cut “How Could It End?”

Taylor started off the European leg of her “Times Visit” on May 9 in Paris. These were the main shows after the arrival of The Tormented Writers Division, and she uncovered another fragment for her most recent period in the show. She’s likewise different up a lot of her outfits, including when she showed love to her beau Travis Kelce by shaking the Kansas City Bosses tones during the 1989 part of her set.