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Johnny Bananas On Dispensing With “Swindlers”: “I Came In Like A Kamikaze” (Selective)

‘The Test’ alum uncovered why his system to play forcefully didn’t work for him on ‘The Swindlers’

Johnny Bananas might have won The Test multiple times, yet he didn’t have such karma on season 2 of Peacock’s The Backstabbers. During the three-episode debut on January 12, the 41-year-old reality star was the principal individual dispensed with from the show after Swindlers Dan Gheesling and Phaedra Parks chose to “kill” him for being a major danger.

In a selective meeting with Hollywood Life, Johnny separated his end from the show and uncovered why his experience on MTV didn’t assist him with getting far on The Double crossers.

“By and large on The Test, and there were difficulties here, however there’s a recovery perspective. Assuming you get casted a ballot in, in the event that someone attempts to dispense with you, you triumph ultimately the last an open door to save yourself,” he said. “That is not the situation here. You can be tossed out, removed. Furthermore, not get any opportunity at retaliation, but rather it’s finished covertly, so you have definitely no clue about who got it done — who put the blade in your back. “

Johnny made sense of that while he could bring his actual game from The Test onto The Backstabbers, he wasn’t ready for how significant the social game is on the Peacock show.

“I feel like I was cursed assuming that I do, accursed in the event that I don’t,” Johnny made sense of. “Assuming that I come in and I simply attempt to conceal in the shadows and keep it calm and I don’t engage in anything and I don’t let my viewpoint out there, I’m still going to be designated just in light of my standing and the history I bring to the show.”

“So I went with choice B,” Johnny expressed, “which as opposed to being tranquil and groveling in the corner, I came in like a kamikaze with a bomb tied to my chest, and I was like, ‘In the event that I fail spectacularly, which is presumably going to occur, I will take however many individuals as I can with me.’ “

Season 2 of The Backstabbers highlights 21 reality stars/superstars from shows like Survivor, Older sibling, The Genuine Housewives, and The Lone ranger set in opposition to one another in a definitive round of trickery. New episodes drop Thursdays on Peacock.