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‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Concedes Polygamous Family’s Breakdown Was ‘Frustrating,’ As New Meeting Uncovers

Meri Brown colored says the manner in which the renowned family went to pieces in a little more than a year was frustrating – – however she’s content with it.

Meri Brown, 52, isn’t excited with the manner in which the polygamous Brown colored group went to pieces so rapidly. The unscripted television star conceded she’s “exceptionally miserable” after three of Kody Brown colored’s four relationships disintegrated in a question of a little more than a year. “It’s exceptionally disheartening to me,” the primary spouse of the Earthy colored patriarch told PEOPLE for a meeting distributed on November 15. “And furthermore, I get that we as a whole are one of a kind people and we need the best for ourselves. Also, in the event that the best for ourselves isn’t inside a similar family structure that we fabricated and that we’ve had for such a long time, what will be will be, and I simply believe everyone should be content with where they are.”

The Sister Spouses star likewise conceded to being walloped by the breakdown of the family, which comprises of 18 kids across Kody’s union with Meri, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown. Just his relationship with Robyn, his lawful spouse, remains at present in salvageable shape.

“So no, I absolutely never saw this coming,” the tender loving care character admitted. “I truly didn’t. In any case, I actually really simply maintain that everyone should be in a quiet spot with themselves.” Christine drove the departure, declaring her split quite a while back, in November of 2021. Janelle and Meri continued in late 2022.

Furthermore, Meri uncovered that she additionally didn’t anticipate that her own association with Kody should go south. “It was not something that I at any point saw occurring in my marriage, particularly when we got hitched a long time back,” she told the power source. “You don’t imagine that that is truly going to occur. Furthermore, as we constructed the family, you simply don’t imagine that what will happen will occur. You don’t have any idea. You can’t really understand.”

The mother of one says she attempted to save the relationship before at last reassessing the “profound marriage” close to the furthest limit of 2022. “I did my absolute best that I could do,” she said. “What’s more, on the off chance that I would’ve left any sooner, there would’ve forever been an inquiry in my psyche of did I give my very best? In any case, I’m extremely sure realizing that I did all that I could do, and I’m very content with its planning and the way in which everything worked out.”