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Ann Coulter Trolled For Slamming Families & Crying About ‘Desperation’ Of Single Life

Ann Coulter is getting trolled hard after she tweeted about how she lives alone in ‘calm franticness’ so she shouldn’t have to ‘subsidize upbeat families.’ Read the savage reactions!

Ann Coulter, 56, is known for being a great deal of things, however “single” isn’t normally what first rings a bell. That is, until the point when she brought up her relationship status on Twitter as an approach to voice her restriction to Marco Rubio‘s arrangement to allow working families a tax cut. “We singles live purge lives of calm urgency and will bite the dust alone. Presently Rubio is requesting that we additionally subsidize glad families with kids who fill their days with happiness,” she composed. Be that as it may, in case you will tweet about how you shouldn’t need to think about the prosperity of other individuals since you’re going to “kick the bucket alone,” you ought to most likely hope to get trolled on the Internet — which is precisely what happened.

A few people chose to call attention to the fraud in Ann’s announcement. “Ann Coulter, a desolate woman worth an expected $8.5 million, is griping about paying duties to help youngsters. In the interim Trump’s expense charge is taking cash from the white collar class to finance the best 1% of society which incorporates Ann Coulter,” Twitter client Ed Krassenstein composed. Others chose to recommendation her in return for her to stop voicing her assessments. “I will be your beau on the off chance that you guarantee to stop,” a client who since changed their Twitter name to “ann coulter’s bf” composed. See a greater amount of the savage reactions to the political reporter’s tweet beneath.

The issue with Ann’s expressions obviously isn’t that she’s single. A lot of ladies don’t wed or have youngsters, and keep on living satisfying lives while being great individuals. The issue is that she’s utilizing her own circumstance as an approach to attempt and legitimize why common laborers families don’t merit a tax reduction. Ann, you can be single and think about individuals that aren’t yourself. Simply saying.

I’d say Ann Coulter should probably call and talk to a close friend, but we all know she doesn’t have any.

— Michael Blackman (@MBlackman37) December 15, 2017

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