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’68 Whiskey’ Sneak Peek: Alvarez Reveals She’s Leaving & Roback Refuses To Say Goodbye

Alvarez rocks Roback’s reality when she uncovers that she’s leaving in this EXCLUSIVE review of the all-new scene of ’68 Whiskey.’

Roback and Davis are simply hanging out in this EXCLUSIVE 68 Whiskey sneak look when Alvarez lands to convey some stunning news: she is leaving. She has come to bid farewell before she takes off on a world visit. Alvarez has no clue who is supplanting her. Roback is shocked by the news and marvels if there’s anything Alvarez can do to change her new task. Alvarez stresses that she’s as of now suspected of and took a stab at everything.

Davis finds a good pace Alvarez. They joke that they’re not going to miss one another. When Alvarez is prepared for Roback’s farewell, he can’t do it. “No, this is bullsh*t,” Roback says. “I’m not going to let them separate the band and stick you in a f**king detainment focus since some a**hole in Washington needs to get reappointed.”

Roback is taking along these lines harder than Alvarez anticipated. “God, you’re making this such a great amount of harder than it must be. Simply bid farewell and wish me karma, damn it!” she lets him know. Roback will not bid farewell to Alvarez. “I’m going to make sense of this one,” he says. Alvarez jests, “Well, while you’re making sense of it, I’ll be on a world visit.” Before she exits the entryway, Roback stops her. He’s idea of something. It should be acceptable. The Jan. 21 scene of 68 Whiskey is titled “Finger Lickin’ Good.”

68 Whiskey, which annals the lives of a various gathering of Army surgeons positioned in Afghanistan, stars Sam Keeley, Gage Golightly, Cristina Rodlo, Jeremy Tardy, Derek Theler, Nicholas Coombe, Lamont Thompson, and Beth Riesgraf. The arrangement, which is official delivered by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, show Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Paramount Network.