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Alissa Violet Accuses Ex FaZe Banks OfCheating On Her, Smashing Her CarWindows & More

Almost five months after Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks’ separation, Alissa has made some stunning allegations about what purportedly went down before the split.

Alissa Violet has denounced her ex, FaZe Banks, of undermining her on different occasions while they were as one. It began on Dec. 1, when Alissa reacted to a tweet that read, ‘How could you discover you were being undermined?’ She had a quite certain answer when she guaranteed: “I was sleeping upstairs with our canines and he wasn’t beside me so I checked our visitor house and got him exposed in bed with an arbitrary young lady.” In a subsequent tweet, she explained that it was the “visitor wing of the house,” and not the genuine visitor house.

Fluster didn’t react legitimately to Alissa’s claims, yet he did haphazardly tweet ‘I love you,’ short of what after one hour. Alissa obviously felt that this message was coordinated to her, and she reacted by posting screen captures of their instant messages. In the writings, she expressed, “Did you “love me” when you were attaching with an irregular who** in our home? Did you “love me” when you snapchatted that young lady in Vegas to come f*** you when I was at supper with you? Did you “love me” when I was in Orlando for my cousin’s wedding and you snared with a young lady in our bed?” FaZe Banks reacted to the writings with: “Man wtf is this. I constantly stayed faithful to my commitments.”

There was more where that originated from, however, as Alissa utilized Twitter to throw more allegations at her ex. “Did you “love me” when I’ve been approaching you for five months to help with OUR pooches, yet you instructed me to dispatch them to my folks in Ohio since it was ‘a lot for you’?” she composed. “Did you “love me” when you messaged that young lady that you were en route to her lodging at 6 am to ‘get strange’ while I was dozing beside you? Did you “love me” when you said you were at feature room yet your area [said] you were at an arbitrary high rise for 2 hours? Did you “love me” when you broke 8 of my telephones? did you “love me” when you crushed in the back of Chanel’s window of her vehicle that she gave me? Did you “love me” when you f***ed every one of the young ladies I was stressed over while we were dating, after the separation?”

Bother just reacted on Twitter to one of the allegations (re: the canines) legitimately. “I couldn’t deal with them,” he composed. “I need them to have a decent life.” He additionally then asked Alissa, “For what reason are we doing this on the web?” TheMagazineCity has not checked any of Alissa’s cases, and we’ve connected with FaZe for input.

Alissa and FaZe were as one for around two years when they reported their split toward the start of July. At the time, they had just been separated for about a month. Alissa didn’t make open allegations of bamboozling at the time, yet she hinted that there was more to the story that fans didn’t think about. “Everybody handles breakups in an unexpected way,” she said. “You all don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred away from plain view and I’m doing as well as can be expected to deal with everything. I’m still harmed and upset how this occurred. I will consistently love and think about Ricky.” It’s vague what drove her to be progressively explicit about the issues now.