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Amy Duggar Was ‘Pissed’ Family Didn’t ‘Safeguard’ Her By Educating Her Regarding Josh’s Attack

More than one year since Josh Duggar was proclaimed blameworthy in the kid pornography case, his cousin, Amy Duggar, uncovered during a Jun. 28 meeting how ‘pissed’ she was.

While shamed television character Josh Duggar, 35, is right now carrying out a 12-year jail punishment for a youngster porn conviction, his cousin Amy Duggar, 36, stood in opposition to the matter during another meeting with Vanity Fair on Jun. 28. During the open discussion, the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar uncovered that she was “pissed” at her family for not addressing her about the attack allegations against Josh preceding the world figuring out first.

“I was pissed,” Amy told the power source. “I felt like I did not merit telling … that they would have rather not safeguarded me. They didn’t believe that anybody should be aware, [and] they needed to keep it inside their little air pocket. Mysteries breed in the IBLP [The Foundation in Fundamental Life Principles]. Things are covered up.” More thus, the 36-year-old uncovered that when the news broke in regards to the claims that Josh had attacked four of his sisters, she found out “like the remainder of the world.”

At the time that the attack allegations became public in 2015, Amy said that she stood up to Josh eye to eye. “He was remaining in a trailer and I went in there and I said, ‘How is it that you could do this? … And I was exceptionally strong about that,” she clarified for the power source on Wednesday. She likewise guaranteed that her cousin didn’t attempt to get “truly” associated with her since “he had some better sense.” The power source additionally announced that Amy accepts that Josh decided to “go after young ladies who wouldn’t stand in opposition to him.” She likewise credited the IBLP “belief system” to “totally” engaging his activities.

Amy made a point to offer her viewpoints on how the IBLP organization esteems the oldest child in a nuclear family. “The IBLP prizes the main kid, [and] it doesn’t beat in the event that it’s a child. They hold the family name and the family esteem,” Amy shared. “Assuming you’re esteemed from the second you’ve been conceived and individuals conceal your mysteries and conceal things, and you never cause problems for the things that you’re doing, I accept you just become numb to how the world truly is, and the way in which the law truly is. It’s so miserable the way in which far it was taken, where he figured he could pull off anything.” The dad of-seven is quite the oldest offspring of Jim Sway and Michelle.

Josh’s cousin clarified that she thinks her auntie and uncle’s activities of concealing their child’s activities is “flinch commendable” and “evil.” Amy later considered their philosophy a “revolting” one. “To believe that somebody holds a higher worth than another person is simply so nauseating,” she said. As a matter of fact, the previous 19 Children and Counting star guaranteed that her cousin’s new outrage was her “final bit of excess” with her family and the IBLP. “My final bit of excess was the last embarrassment with Josh. I can’t envision safeguarding a hunter,” she said. “I feel that is the most reduced of low, [and] pressing forward is the only option.”

Amy shows up in the new narrative, Sparkly Cheerful Individuals, which investigates the embarrassments including the Duggar family. The glad mother additionally made sense of that she has cut attaches with her auntie, uncle, and cousins. “I glanced around and my mother and I were like ‘Who is standing up? Who is saying the way that off-base this is?’ And truly, there weren’t numerous who were,” she said around the finish of the meeting. “It was very much like, ‘Do we shut our eyes and behave like it’s not working out?’ Or do we say, ‘It’s working out and here’s the nuclear bomb,’ and let the pieces fall where they may?”