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Andy Cohen Calls 50 Cent ‘Shaq’ During Live New Year’s Eve Broadcast – Watch The Awkward Clip

Eek! Andy Cohen made a very clumsy minute among him and 50 Cent when he called the rapper ‘Shaq’ during a live New Year’s Eve broadcast.

Gracious nooooooo! Andy Cohen, 50, caused internet based life to implode during his CNN facilitating obligations with BFF Anderson Cooper, on December 31. The two men were talking with amazing rapper 50 Cent, 44, through satellite where the previous were in Times Square while the last was in Miami. Everything between them seemed to be going truly well until Andy called him ‘Shaq”, alluding to NBA extraordinary Shaquille O’Neal, 47, which made 50 immediately stop before the Watch What Happens Live host acknowledged what he said and exchanged it back to his name. He at that point attempted to proceed with the discussion by discussing his monstrous chain around his neck, however online life rushed to troll him the moment the minute occurred on live TV.

“Andy Cohen had so a lot of tequila he mistook 50 Cent for Shaq,” one client tweeted. Others seemed, by all accounts, to be here for the gigantic misunderstanding, with another ringing in with, “Andy Cohen just called 50 Cent ‘Shaq’ on live TV and I am living.” One individual considered that to be their minute to end their vacation evening. “Did Andy Cohen simply botch 50 Cent for Shaq? I can’t even. On that note, I believe I’m hitting the hay. #NyQuil in my framework. Not a decent night for it, however in any case.”

Neither Andy or 50 talked about the cooperation all alone web based life as the ball dropped into another decade. The dad of-one did anyway share a few in the background stories from their time on set where they raved about observing the greatest kid band on the planet, BTS, act in Times Square.

Andy managed some extraordinary show with another blunt big name, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes, 51, when he made jokes about her wearing a similar outfit twice on WWHL during the December 8 scene.

NeNe was disturbed to hear this and let him have it after the program disclosed. “Would somebody be able to please mention to me what was the purpose of this? As I don’t get it,” NeNe started on Instagram. “That was 2 years prior I wore this dress ONCE, so I can’t sit in a confession booth with it on @bravoandy,” she straightforwardly asked Andy, who she labeled in her message.