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Ariana Grande Models New Reebok Sneaker — Better Than Selena Gomez For Puma?

It’s a tennis shoe confrontation! Ariana Grande is the new face of the Reebok Fusion Flexweave shoe — shows improvement over Selena Gomez in Puma’s Ignite Flash? See the two crusades underneath.

So who’s the better wellness show? Selena Gomez for Puma or Ariana Grande for Reebok? Simply joking, there is room in the exercise world for the two young ladies! Ari looks sweet and provocative in these new Reebok pictures. The shoe drops on March 27 and is “ideal for the energetic sprinter who shows up at a wellness class.” The plan is smooth, clean, and design forward. The shoe comes in 4 colorways for men, and one for ladies. It costs $120 and looks idealize at the exercise center or while running errands! While displaying the shoe, Ariana looks lovely with a high as can be platinum pig tail. She’s wearing dark sheer tights, and a games bra. To finish everything, she’s alluringly hanging a patent cowhide coat over her arms.

Alongside Ariana, Gal Gadot is another Reebok mark envoy! In an announcement on March 15, she stated: “Working out has dependably been a major piece of my life, particularly with having a mother who was a PE instructor, I was presented to a dynamic way of life from an early age. Through wellness, I have discovered that I pick up quality, continuance and certainty, and I couldn’t envision a superior accomplice than Reebok to go along with me on this trip.” We get SUCH a young lady control vibe from Gal!

We cherish that these women are making wellness so elegant and fun! It’s cool to be solid, upbeat, and fit!