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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Take Cute Daughters On A Playdate With Bradley Cooper’s Baby Girl Lea, 2

How charming! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted taking their little girls James and Inez on a playdate with Bradley Cooper’s lovable lil’ young lady Lea.

Could this be all the more valuable? Blake Lively, 32, and Ryan Reynolds, 43, were seen taking off of Bradley Cooper‘s New York City condo on January 11 with their girls James, 5, and Inez, 3, after they had a playdate with the Oscar chosen one’s little one Lea, 2. Blake clutched Inez firmly (SEE PICS HERE) while glancing winter chic in a long coat, multi-hued scarf and cap. Inez dressed charmingly in a red onesie with star designs sprinkled over the outfit. James, then again, took center from her genius father in a child blue onesie with rainbow shaded embellishments on the sleeves and neck. And afterward… there’s Lea! She energetically sucked on her thumbs while keeping it easygoing in an overly adorable outfit with her hair up in a bow!

Blake and Ryan seem, by all accounts, to be making the most of their time while in The Big Apple. They were seen going on a morning meal date with their infant little girl on January 10 where The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star kept her enveloped with a fluffy cover so the paparazzi couldn’t get a snap of her. Blake kept her last pregnancy so cryptic that she didn’t spill the beans that she was pregnant until she landed at honorary pathway debut of Ryan’s enlivened film Detective Pikachu on May 2, 2019 with a major ole child knock!

Insights regarding the introduction of their third youngster are still hush-hush despite the fact that they purportedly respected her at some point in August 2019. Blake and Ryan stayed in secret for the following couple of months until they were at last shot out together during a comfortable trip in New York City in on October 29.

Bradley Cooper out with his daughter Lea. Credit: MEGA

Bradley, in the interim, has been seen having a ton of fun with his little girl (who he imparts to ex Irina Shayk, 34) since the New Year started. They were spotted heading home on January 10 where she watched exhausted from her large outing. They had a comparable excursion directly in the wake of Thanksgiving a year ago when the American Sniper entertainer held her in his arms during a crisp day outside.