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Brad Pitt Gushes Over Jennifer Aniston’s SAG Win Before Backstage Reunion — Watch

Before their energizing gathering at the SAG Awards, Brad Pitt’s eyes were stuck to the screen as he viewed Jennifer Aniston give her acknowledgment discourse, and the video is hypnotizing.

Minutes in the wake of raising marriage inconveniences during the SAG Awards, Brad Pitt couldn’t keep his eyes off Jennifer Aniston as she acknowledged her very own honor. Brad, 53, was still behind the stage when his ex, 50, won Female Actor in a Drama Series, and he wasn’t conversing with press or blending with different victors. Rather, he quit everything to watch Jenner give her thoughtful discourse. His eyes were stuck to the TV behind the stage as he stood near the screen and watched Jennifer destroy and express gratitude toward her Morning Show family. As should be obvious in the video beneath, at one point he mouths, “gracious goodness” while watching her. He looks completely hypnotized!

The minute came truly after Brad gave a comical, and telling discourse while tolerating the honor for Male Actor in a Supporting Role for Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood. Brad gathered up his SAG grant and promptly said that he was putting the honor on his Tinder profile. Later in the discourse, he kidded that there were a couple of likenesses among himself and his OUATIH character. “Let’s face it, it was a troublesome part. The person who gets high, takes his shirt off, and doesn’t continue ahead with his better half. It’s a major stretch. Enormous.”

It shows signs of improvement from that point. When Jennifer advanced behind the stage and got done with conversing with press, Brad still hadn’t came back to his seat in the assembly room. So they accepted the open door to talk, and the photograph of their get-together (which you can see HERE) is brilliant. That non-verbal communication! Both Brad and Jen look pleased to see each other in the photograph, which gives them laughing hysterically in a hall behind the stage, as he softly contacts her hand.

Gossipy tidbits about a revived sentiment between the exes, who separated in 2005, began one year prior, when Brad was spotted at Jennifer’s 50th birthday celebration party. The gossipy tidbits got again full steam when he attempted — yet fizzled — to sneak into her Christmas slam at her home in Los Angeles undetected.