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Brandi Jackson: 5 Things About Michael Jackson’s Niece Defending Her Uncle Against Sex Abuse Allegations

Michael Jackson’s niece, Brandi, guaranteed she dated one of her uncle’s informers yet hammered his sexual maltreatment claims. Here’s her backstory.

Brandi Jackson, 37, has been furiously demanding that her uncle Michael Jackson is blameless in the wake of the Leaving Neverland narrative, in which Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 40, asserted that the pop symbol explicitly manhandled them as youngsters. Brandi asserted that she dated one of the supposed unfortunate casualties, Wade, and blamed him for lying about his charges on Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on March 11 — here’s the breakdown of her allegations. News of their supposed relationship was brand new information to a portion of the narrative watchers, so this is what you should think about MJ’s niece.

  1. Brandi said she dated Wade for “all” of their high school years. As indicated by Brandi, she and Wade met in “roughly” 1991 when they were both nine years of age, and did the L.A. Rigging photograph shoot and MJ’s Black or White music video together. She at that point said it was her uncle who helped set up their relationship, and guaranteed Michael welcomed Wade and his family to his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara around three years after the fact. “[Wade] had inquired as to whether he would essentially place us in a circumstance where we could become more acquainted with one another further. So my uncle welcomed Wade, his mother and his sister, just as me and my sibling, to the farm. So we spent around five to seven days there, simply becoming acquainted with one another… At the finish of this excursion, he asked me in all respects sympathetic to be his sweetheart… I need to state possibly we were around 12 years of age, at the most established,” Brandi said on the March 9 scene of John Ziegler‘s webcast. At that point, on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Brandi guaranteed this relationship went on until around 2000 to 2001, saying that they burned through all their “high schooler years” together.
  2. Brandi guaranteed that her ex never raised the sexual maltreatment claims while they dated. Whenever inquired as to whether she heard “any of these allegations” from Wade as youngsters, she told radio host Kyle Sandilands, “not in any way,” and even guaranteed that she was dependably at Wade’s home. “You get this impression from the narrative that Wade was dependably with my uncle for these long spurts of time. In any case, I can disclose to you that from the time that I met Wade that wasn’t the situation. My uncle was continually voyaging and working. Swim was here in Los Angeles — he wasn’t with my uncle. I invested a great deal of energy at Wade’s home with his family. I know where he was,” she said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. After Michael was blamed for youngster attack in 1993 and 2005, Wade affirmed the multiple times that the artist did not explicitly manhandle him. In the new narrative, Wade said he shrouded the claimed “truth” since his “entire life would be finished” something else, and didn’t need Michael’s three youthful kids to grow up illegitimate.
  3. Brandi isn’t referenced in the Leaving Neverland narrative. Notwithstanding Wade’s supposed connections to Michael’s niece, he doesn’t raise Brandi once in the Leaving Neverland narrative, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 25. “Swim and I were as one for more than 7 years, yet I wager that isn’t in his ‘narrative’ since it would demolish his timetable,” Brandi tweeted on Feb. 11.
  4. Brandi blamed Wade for separating Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. “I discovered Wade went behind my back with various lady who he trusted would propel his vocation. You may know one of them, since it was a gigantic popular music embarrassment. Swim isn’t an unfortunate casualty, he’s a #Opportunist,” Brandi tweeted on Feb. 11, and went inside and out about this affirmed “popular music outrage” on the previously mentioned digital broadcast with John (Wade was Britney’s choreographer). “I realize that he was seeking after [Britney]… In my comprehension, Justin brought Wade onto the task to do generation, movement, yet creation now. What’s more, that is when Britney and Wade truly drew nearer and started laying down with one another,” Brandi guaranteed on the web recording. These gossipy tidbits have never been affirmed.
  5. Brandi is the little girl of Michael Jackson’s sibling, Jackie Jackson. Jackie, presently 67 years of age, was a piece of the Jackson 5 and is the oldest of the Jackson kin.