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Cameron Diaz Raises Eyebrows As She Reveals She Feeds Her Daughter Raddix, 11 Mos., Garlic & Bone Marrow

Cameron Diaz has uncovered that her young girl has never eaten puree like most infants, and has an experienced palette.

At 11 months old, Cameron Diaz‘s girl Raddix has a serious palette. The entertainer, 48, opened up on The Rachael Ray Show during an uncommon meeting, very nearly one year subsequent to inviting her little beloved newborn. “The initial four months, I prepared each and every feast,” she said. “And afterward we gradually began working out in a good way, ‘perhaps we’ll arrange a lunch. Possibly we’ll arrange a supper.’ But generally, I’m preparing all the dinners,” she clarified in a sneak look for the November 23 scene.

“I love to cook. It’s my main avenue for affection,” she added. “I love to cook for my better half, I love to cook for my youngster now. Having the option to make the nourishment for her has been amazing.” However, the Shrek entertainer doesn’t generally adhere to customary child nourishments, and Rachael Ray ringed in to praise the A-lister for trying different things with fixings. “You can truly fortify her palette,” the TV have said. “I disdain it when individuals stupefy kids food.”

“No. She’s never had a puree. She got nothing pureed,” Cameron answered. “She’s had garlic from the very beginning, you know?” The Holiday star likewise uncovered that Raddix cherishes new spices and even bone stock! “I put spices in all things. Thyme and dill, sage, everything. She simply cherishes every last bit of it.”

Over five years after she left acting to manufacture another existence with spouse Benji Madden, she turned into a first-time mother at 47 years old. “I never state never to anything, for one thing, however I feel truly settled. I haven’t made a film since like… 2013, 2014. It’s been quite a while, and young lady, I’m alright with that! There’s no important for me that resembles… I gotta get back before the camera, I gotta go act! I don’t feel that way. This shouldn’t imply that I won’t sometime in the not so distant future, yet I’m truly settled where I’m at the present moment,” she revealed to Naomi Campbell on her YouTube show, No Filter With Naomi, on Oct. 27.