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Cardi B Rocks Skintight Sparkly Pink Dress At People’s Choice Awards — Photos

Cardi B amazed in a shimmering pink dress at ‘Individuals’ Choice Awards,’ giving entertainer Halle Berry her ‘Kin’s Icon’ grant.

Cardi B looked emphatically staggering on Tuesday when she swaggered her stuff at the People’s Choice Awards in a perfectly sized, shining pink dress. The “Cash” rapper flaunted her show-halting bends in the bustier-style outfit which highlighted a darling neck area and was shrouded in square-molded sequins. The mother-of-two selected a mark Cardi search for her hair, wearing it dim and flawlessly twisted while blending the dress with strappy silver heels and negligible adornments.

Cardi B stuns in a sparkling pink dress at the 2021 ‘People’s Choice Awards’ (Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBC).

The “WAP” rapper gave entertainer Halle Berry her “Kin’s Icon” grant at the occasion, and the two common some sweet photographs together behind the stage. Halle, as far as it matters for her on honorary pathway, repeated her Catwoman past in a blue shimmering, skin-tight jumpsuit that flashed down to flaunt her décolletage. She adorned her look with silver pointed-toe Jimmy Choo siphons and stunning drop Djula hoops, pulling her hair up in an organized, yet disheveled bun.

While tolerating her honor, Halle yelled out her little ones in a delicate discourse. “My two small children, they need to lose such a lot of time with their mother since I get to go work and make every moment count, so thank you Nahla, thank you Maceo — I trust you find something in life that you can cherish and you can do with as much power and as much zing as I do what I do. I love you all,” she said.

Halle Berry & Cardi B share a smile at the 2021 ‘People’s Choice Awards’ after Cardi presented the actress with the ‘People’s Icon’ award (Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBC).

Cardi appeared to be the ideal individual to give Halle her honor, since the two have become an incredible BFFs of late. Back in November the pair met up for a video called “5 Rounds.” During the fragment, Cardi dished with regards to how she met the entertainer. “[L]et me let you know this tea,” Cardi tweeted, “her skin is so delicate… I needed to nibble her shoulder.” We’d laugh at the sudden remark, yet with Cardi, expect the unforeseen!

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