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Chris Pratt Joined His Hero Garth Brooks Onstage At The iHeart Awards & Fans Are Living For It

Down home music was spoken to bigly at the iHeartRadio Music Awards because of Garth Brooks, where he conveyed an epic variety of his best hits and was joined in front of an audience by Chris Pratt!

Garth Brooks conveys a show-ceasing act every single time he makes that big appearance, and the 2019 iHeartRadio Awards were the same. The nation crooner broke out with a high-vitality variety of his best hits, and the 57-year-old shook the stage like he possessed it. The artist played understand hits including “Callin’ Baton Rouge,” “Ask Me How I know,” and the constantly infectious “Companions In Low Places.” But, the best piece of all was pass on the face on Chris Pratt‘s face when he got the chance to report his long-lasting saint to the stage. The performing artist is an enormous aficionado of the notorious artist and was excited to be a piece existing apart from everything else. He even got the chance to join Garth in front of an audience towards the finish of the execution and it was EVERYTHING. Fans paid heed to the unique minute and took to Twitter with their responses. “Chris pratt reporting garth streams execution the yeehaw truly LAUNCHED itself out of my screeeeeen,” one fan cleverly said. “Chris Pratt singing with Garth Brooks is everything,” another composed subsequent to viewing.

Before the function commenced, Garth hit celebrity main street with his better half, Trisha Yearwood, and spouted about how fortunate he feels nowadays. Subsequent to having a family, the vocalist is appreciative to keep up such an effective vocation. “I never figured we’d do this again, and the welcome back has been lowering and its been a sweet ride,” he said on the rug. “I got the opportunity to let you know, it’s the best gig on earth.”

Garth is only one of the specialists on the ritzy 2019 lineup. The Backstreet Boys additionally hit the stage, as did R&B songstress Ella Mai. Travis Barker and Yungblud were on the bill too to play out their new joint track “11 Minutes” with Halsey. Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Kacey Musgraves were altogether opened for the duration of the night, and obviously, ruler Ariana Grande.

We are cherishing Garth’s execution at the entertainment ceremony, and it’s so decent to see blue grass music spoken to by one of the class’ most all around regarded craftsmen. Watch him hit the phase above!