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Dina Lohan, 57, Arrested For DWI After Allegedly Hitting Vehicle Outside NY Restaurant

Dina Lohan was captured outside of an Outback Steakhouse in New York the evening of Jan. 11 after she purportedly cut a vehicle with her 2016 Mercedes and left the scene.

Dina Lohan, 57, had an exciting night on Jan. 11 when she was captured for supposedly hitting a vehicle and escaping the scene. The mother of Lindsay Lohan, 33, was driving her 2016 Mercedes outside of an Outback Steakhouse café in New York when the supposed mishap occurred and in spite of the fact that she purportedly left the scene, the proprietor of the vehicle she hit pursued her everything the path back to her Long Island home, as per TMZ. At the point when cops showed up, Dina would not take a medication/liquor test however they saw that she was inebriated and captured her for a DWI, leaving the area of a mishap, and bothered unlicensed activity of an engine vehicle, the outlet revealed. Due to Dina having an earlier DWI, the one she faces presently is a lawful offense.

A representative with the Nassau County Police Department affirmed Dina’s capture to TheMagazineCity. “Dina Lohan, the mother of Lindsay Lohan, was captured for a DWI capture in the town of Merrick where she dwells. She went to court as of now. [She was captured for] DWI leaving the area of a mishap. Any further subtleties go to the court. This episode happened on the eleventh of January at 6:20 p.m,” the representative said.

Dina’s legal counselor, Mark Heller, additionally affirmed the capture and uncovered that she is arguing not blameworthy to the entirety of the charges. “We showed up at the arraignment toward the beginning of today and we entered not liable requests to all charges,” he let us know. “We anticipate going to court this coming Wednesday to set up her honesty. She’s back home. She’s doing fine.”

Before Dina’s most recent capture, she was captured for alcoholic driving in 2013 when she was pulled over in her vehicle while going 77mph in a 55mph zone. She was accused of two checks of driving while inebriated and one mean speeding. In June 2014, she argued not liable to the charges and was condemned to network administration.