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Elle Winter Finds Herself Trapped In A ‘Sad Girl Heaven’ Full Of Basic Boys In Her New Music Video

At the point when you can’t get away from those young men who never really leave your eyes crying ‘vodka tears,’ you may resemble Elle Winter and trapped in the limbo that is ‘Pitiful Girl Heaven.’

In the wake of viewing “Pitiful Girl Heaven,” the new video from Elle Winter, one may review Satan’s discourse toward the beginning of Book IV of Milton’s Paradise Lost. “Be then his adoration damned, since, affection or disdain/To me the same it bargains everlasting burden… Infinite anger and boundless gloom? /Which way I fly is Hell; myself am Hell.” Similarly, Elle Winter has made herself is a hellfire of “vodka tears” and “terrible occasions” in “Pitiful Girl Heaven,” a pop bop about the endless loop of feeling “high when [she’s] low,” of realizing that she should abandon those fundamental young men yet … she just can’t.

“I Kinda miss a f-ck boi/f-cking up my life boi/Put me on a rollercoaster/I’m your perfect example/For vodka tears,” she sings in the tune. “Take me to dismal young lady paradise/Rest In Peace state a supplication for me/In Sad Girl Heaven/Right where I should be/So slaughter me with those emotions/Boy I wanna feel em/Love it when I hurt so great.” The video reflects this everlasting battle, with Elle celebrating the good life in a sumptuous house, just to be badgering and irritated by dolts, nitwits, and fellows who have slid into one an excessive number of DMs.

Elle Winter, looking down from her place in Sad Girl Heaven (Angelo Kritikos)

“I’m not just so eager to deliver my new single, ‘Dismal Girl Heaven,’ yet in addition share the music video for it,” Elle tells TheMagazineCity. “The video truly features the sarcastic and lively topic of the melody. In the melody, I talk about how I just follow young men who will eventually make me extremely upset. In the video, I’m in a house loaded up with young men who continue to trouble me and can’t do ANYTHING right, yet I keep them around and in my essence.”

“Pitiful Girl Heaven” commences 2021 for Elle, who delivered her Yeah, No EP in March of a year ago. The title track accompanied a music video that caught the tune’s message of strengthening. “This melody communicates something specific of … reminding individuals who listen that they are acceptable all alone and needn’t bother with any other person to flourish,” she told TheMagazineCity. I found such a lot of solidarity through making the melody and making the music video.”

Who needs to cry ‘vodka tears’ when you got shoes like this? ( Ava Sandak)

Winter, a New York City local, made her first music sprinkle in 2018 with the freely delivered “One More.” She procured the qualification of being radio character Elvis Duran‘s Artist Of The Month and KIIS FM’s Next Up Artist. In 2019, she endorsed with Sony Music’s The Orchard. No doubt, No came a year later, and with “Pitiful Girl Heaven,” Elle leaves on the following section of her melodic story.