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Ellen DeGeneres Straight Up Asks BTS If They’ve Ever Dated A Fan And Their Reactions Are Priceless

That is correct, Ellen DeGeneres went there! BTS sat down for a super delicious meeting on her show, and when inquired as to whether they’ve ever snared with an A.R.M.Y. fan, they completely lost it.

K-pop gathering BTS (Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook) showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Nov. 27, and it was everything. Watch above as Ellen DeGeneres, 59, solicits all from the hard-hitting inquiries for BTS’ U.S. daytime TV make a big appearance!

“Your fans — it’s truly inconceivable,” Ellen says towards the finish of the clasp. “Have you at any point gotten together, snared with any of the A.R.M.Y.?” she includes, alluding to the band’s super devoted fanbase. The studio group of onlookers promptly goes wild, and the folks begin snickering! See more pics of BTS here.

“We are doing it at this moment,” RM says brazenly, implying that they’re with fans in the room right now. “No, you recognize what I mean,” Ellen smiles, as the group begins shouting once more. “Have all of you at any point dated one of your A.R.M.Y.? she rehashes. “Clarify what ‘snared’ implies, go ahead,” Ellen tongue in cheek says to the interpreter as he addresses the folks in Korean.

RM snickers once more, and V demands, “No, no,” looking somewhat bothered as J-Hope laughs, as well. Great one, Ellen!

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BTS additionally played out the “MIC Drop” remix, and it was super epic. At that point, we have their Jimmy Kimmel execution to anticipate, so stay tuned!

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