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ESPN’s Elle Duncan Goes Viral After Stunning Tribute About Kobe Bryant Being A Proud ‘Girl Dad’

While paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, ‘SportsCenter’ stay Elle Duncan separated in tears when she recollected exactly how ‘thankful’ the NBA star was to be a dad of young ladies.

“All things considered, you’re hearing numerous individual accounts about Kobe Bryant, so here’s mine,” ESPN’s Elle Duncan said during SportsCenter on Jan. 27, a day after the Los Angeles Lakers star and his 13-year-old little girl, Gianna Bryant, were killed in a helicopter crash. “I met Kobe one time, behind the stage at an occasion for ESPN in New York. What’s more, I saw him, and I thought, ‘Goodness my gosh. That is Kobe. I gotta get an image for the ‘Gram. … I didn’t get it for a couple of moments, in light of the fact that, as I moved toward him, he quickly remarked on my fairly enormous eight-month pregnant tummy. ‘How are you? How close would you say you are? What are you having?’ ‘A young lady,’ I stated, and he then high-fived me. ‘Young ladies are the best.’ ”

“I asked him exhortation on raising young ladies,” Elle proceeded, “as he broadly had three at that point. He stated, ‘simply be appreciative that you’ve been given that blessing since young ladies are stunning. His third girl, Bianka, was about eighteen months old at that point, so I inquired as to whether he needed more youngsters. He said that his significant other, Vanessa [Bryant] truly needed to attempt again for a kid, yet was kind of playfully worried that it would be another young lady.” When Elle asked Kobe what he thought on the off chance that he had a fourth little girl, the 5-time NBA Champion said “decisively” that he would “have five additional young ladies on the off chance that I could. I’m a young lady father.” Kobe and Vanessa would invite Capri in 2019.

Elle started to break down when she reviewed how Kobe commended his little girl’s athletic capacities, for the most part how Gianna was “a beast, a mammoth, she’s superior to anything I was at her edge” on the ball court. With tears in her eyes, Elle proceeded. “At the point when I think about the catastrophe and the 30 minutes I went through with Kobe Bryant two years back, I guess the main little wellspring of solace for me is knowing he kicked the bucket doing what he cherished the most. Being a father. Being a young lady father.” As the tribute turned into a web sensation, numerous men shared how they were likewise a pleased “GirlDad.”

The sincere tribute became famous online, with numerous superstars sharing the discourse on their web based life accounts. “#GirlDady w #KobeStories,” remarked Questlove. “Thas Right. Young lady’s are the best,” tweeted radio legend, Ebro Darden. “As the most seasoned young lady of a #girldad – 6 young ladies, no young men – I generally think that its intriguing (and unexpectedly underhanded) when individuals discover my father has all young ladies,” remarked Catfish have Kamie Crawford. “Their reaction is for the most part, ‘omg your poor father!’ This anecdote about Kobe outlines what a gift it is to be a young lady father.”

One day before his passing, Kobe was spotted holding with 3-year-old Bianka. The two went to the Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach. In the recording, Kobe watches out for his baby as she watches different children playing in the shopping center. This was only an easygoing day for Kobe and Bianka on the grounds that the Bryant family frequented the shopping center and other Newport Beach sports. Unfortunately, this would be the last time that Bianka would go through with her dad.