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Former ‘RHOC’ Star Alexis Bellino IsCriticized For Calling Out Her ‘Maids’On Instagram

Alexis Bellino took to Instagram on Nov. 29 to post a pic of the chaos left on the floor underneath the sofas in her home and she got significant reaction subsequent to reprimanding her house cleaners for not doing ‘a profound cleaning’.

Alexis Bellino, 42, isn’t content with the chaos she found underneath the love seats in her home and she’s getting out her house keepers for it! The previous Real Housewives of Orange County star shared an Instagram photograph that demonstrated what resembles white quills, a pen, and bright cut-out stickers on the hardwood floor between her split love seat on Nov. 29 and her subtitle for the pic left a few devotees irate. “At the point when your love seat inadvertently separates and you understand your house cleaners aren’t doing profound cleaning. Discovered 2 socks as well… 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤔,” the dubious inscription read.

Despite the fact that Alexis appeared to attempt to be happy with her post, which incorporated a snickering emoticon, a few fans really wanted to express their basic sentiments in the remarks. “Your ‘house keepers’ #1stworldproblems directly here, you sure your going to be alright to clean it?” one adherent asked while another stated, “I typically never remark and am making an effort not to be snarky however the manner in which you said ‘servants’ was extremely tasteless. I have cleaning individuals myself and I don’t anticipate that them should routinely move furniture.”

Different supporters censured Alexis’ utilization of “servant” while depicting the individuals she pays to clean her home. “House cleaner is such a trashy word. You sound truly advantaged. We should call them house guardians. It sounds better,” one devotee composed. “Clean the house yourself and stop your whimpering about ‘servants’,” another pointed out.

Alexis presently can’t seem to answer the analysis, however she kept her post up for all to see so it would appear that she’s not giving the pundits a chance to trouble her to an extreme! Despite the fact that she didn’t determine how the wreckage under the love seat was made, it was in all likelihood because of her living in her home with her children, including her child James, 12, and 11-year-old twin little girls Melania and Mackenna, every one of whom she imparts to her subsequent ex Jim Bellino. After her split from Jim in 2018, Alexis has proceeded to date film maker Andy Bohn, who she here and there shares photographs of on her Instagram.