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Jamie Lee Curtis Officiates Daughter Ruby’s Cosplay Wedding To Wife Kynthia: See The Photos

‘Spouse is sweet’ for Jamie Lee Curtis’ girl, Ruby! The ‘Halloween’ star’s most youthful youngster secured the bunch in a cosplay wedding event.

Jamie Lee Curtis just had one comment in the wake of directing her little girl’s wedding: “Spouse IS SWEET!” Jamie Lee, 63, shared this message on May 29, the day that girl Ruby, 26, said “I do” with her accomplice Kynthia. The pleased mother star shared a couple photographs of the wedding on her Instagram, incorporating one of her with Ruby and Kynthia. Every one of the three were decked out in various cosplay outfits. Jamie Lee likewise shared a photograph apparently after Ruby and Kynthia traded promises. “Indeed, THEY DO AND DID! Hitched!”

The Halloween star directed the wedding, and obviously, there must be somewhat of a creepy component to it. “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!” Jamie Lee inscribed a third photograph. “The ONLY thing left over toward the finish of this whole BEAUTIFUL wedding, after everything was removed was this f-ing BUTCHER KNIFE they cut the tiramisu wedding cake with! Spouse IS SWEET!” The entertainer who rejuvenated Laurie Strode in the 1978 slasher presented with the blade in her grasp while wearing a memorial shirt portraying her little girl and new in-regulation as anime characters.

Curtis directed the wedding while dressed as Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft. “It’s a game. I don’t have the foggiest idea. She’s a chief of naval operations,” Jamie Lee expressed while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in March, per Entertainment Weekly. Jamie uncovered that her girl got the ensemble, yet there was an issue. “About a month prior — a little while back — I received an email from her that said, ‘There might be a defer in sending the ensemble,'” said Curtis, who said that the outfit was coming from Russia – who had done battle with Ukraine. “I’m trusting she’ll get it to me. I simply couldn’t say whether the… You know, there’s a tad of a production network issue going on, and things are somewhat held up at this point.”

Jamie Lee previously uncovered that her girl was transsexual in a 2021 meeting with AARP The Magazine. She and her better half Christopher Guest had “watched in awe and pride as our child turned into our little girl Ruby. What’s more, she and her life partner will get hitched one year from now at a wedding that I will direct.”

Ruby and Jamie Lee uncovered more about this excursion in an October 2021 meeting with PEOPLE. “It was unnerving,” Ruby said about her coming-out second. “[J]ust the sheer truth of enlightening them something regarding me they didn’t have the foggiest idea. It was threatening — yet I wasn’t concerned. They had been so tolerating of me my whole life.”

“It’s learning new phrasing and words. I’m new at it,” said Jamie Lee. You slow your discourse down a bit. You become somewhat more careful about what you’re talking about. How you’re saying it. You actually mess up, I’ve screwed up today two times. We’re human. However, in the event that one individual understands this, sees an image of Ruby and me, and says, ‘I go ahead and say this is the sort of person I am,’ then it’s worth the effort.”