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Jenelle Evans


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Jen 5′ 1″ Oak Island


Jenelle Evans (conceived on December 19 1991 in Oak Island, North Carolina) is an unscripted tv character. She rose to distinction in MTV’s hit demonstrates 16 and Pregnant, where she chronicled the hardships looked as a pregnant high schooler. She at that point featured in Teen Mom 2, which reported her new existence with her child, Jace. Jenelle has a great criminal record: she has been captured for breaking and entering, sedate ownership, and attack. She is a famous partier, consumer, and has fled from home previously. In June 2012, she got bosom inserts. As of now, her mom has authority of her child Jace.

Best Known For:

Jenelle Evans is best known for featuring on MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Individual Life:

Jenelle Evans brought forth Jace Vahn Evans in 2009, whose father is Jenelle’s ex, Andrew Lewis. Jenelle likewise dated Keiffer Delp, with whom she was captured for breaking and entering and medication ownership. In 2012, the truth star was locked in for two weeks to hit or miss beau, Gary Head, who has been captured for striking Jennelle. Jenelle keeps on waffling forward and backward between Gary Head and Keiffer Delp, undecided as to which appalling relationship she might want to remain in for all eternity. Jenelle wedded Courtland Rogers in December 2012, after a hurricane sentiment. Before long, she endured an unnatural birth cycle when she charged Courtland attacked her, and petitioned for separate. She entered recovery in March 2013. Not long after in the wake of experiencing recuperation, she began dating Nathan Griffith. The combine declared Jenelle was pregnant again in Dec. 2013, and their child, Kaiser Griffith, touched base on June 30, 2014. In the wake of part from Nathan, Jenelle started dating David Eason, and their little girl, Ensley, was conceived in Jan. 2017.

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