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Jennifer Lopez Stuns In Ginormous Pink Pouf Dress With Super Long Train At ‘Second Act’ NYC Premiere

Jennifer Lopez resembled an exemplary character at the ‘Second Act’ debut in New York City on Dec. 12! See significantly more pictures from the elegant celebrity main street, here.

Jennifer Lopez, 49, went for broke at the New York City debut for Second Act on Dec. 12, and it satisfied. Fitting for the maker and star of the motion picture, J.Lo ventured onto celebrity main street in a hot pink babydoll dress with a cape of tulle that trailed the distance to the paparazzi’s feet! Indeed, even her sweetheart Alex Rodriguez, 43, really wanted to sneak an image in, yet the couple likewise modeled for a sweet photograph together — see the two pictures beneath! Other huge names at the occasion were J.Lo’s co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, 29, Leah Remini, 48, and Milo Ventimiglia, 41, who likewise put forth their individual design expressions. From the immense rose focal point on Vanessa’s coral dress, to Leah’s marvelous hide, you have to look at all the style minutes in TheMagazineCity’s display above!

At long last, J.Lo gets the opportunity to lean back in her motion picture situate in the wake of walking starting with one television show then onto the next this week. Since Monday, she has visited six TV studios altogether, notwithstanding Sirius Radio! Fans went wild to be blessed to receive so much J.Lo, yet one crowd got especially unruly in NYC — a signature searcher wound up checking poor J.Lo’s mom in the head hours before the debut. Beside that setback, it’s been smooth cruising as the “El Anillo” artist has changed starting with one outfit then onto the next for every medium appearance. Our specific top choices were the poofy ballet dancer dress she wore for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Dec. 10, and after that the conspicuous blue jumpsuit she appeared in at Good Morning America on Dec. 12!

The motion picture J.Lo has been so intensely elevating hits up close and personal. Before she was a motion picture star and music diagram topper, the Latin songstress originated from humble beginnings in NYC’s Bronx precinct… much like her character, Maya Vargas, in Second Act! “In all actuality, I am a Bronx young lady. I recognize what that is, I lived there until the point that I was 20-something years old before I went out to be a Fly Girl in Hollywood many, numerous moons prior,” J.Lo told Jimmy Fallon on Monday. “In this way, that quintessence is with me. I believe that is the reason me, and Leah [Remini] — ’cause she’s from Brooklyn — we comprehend what that life is, despite everything we have family that lives there, we know this story and we realize that battle thus it feels genuine.”

Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of her new film, “Second Act,” in New York on Dec. 12. If you look closely, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez is snapping a picture of J.Lo!
Jennifer Lopez posing with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at the premiere of her new film, “Second Act,” in New York on Dec. 12.

Second Act pursues the profession a 43-year-elderly person who makes the hop from aide supervisor at a “major box store,” as J.Lo called it, to a corporate gig on NYC’s Madison Avenue, in spite of the instruction bias in the workforce. As the star told Jimmy, it’s “road smarts over book smarts.”