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‘Jesus Christ Superstar’: How John Legend Is F’ing Up His Family’s Easter Plans

Sorry Chrissy Teigen, however John Legend just revealed to TheMagazineCity that their family’s Easter designs may not go as arranged on account of his ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ occasion!

John Legend, 39, might need to reschedule his family’s Easter day designs this year. They will presumably approve of it however, on the grounds that he’s featuring in a one-time live broadcast melodic occasion on NBC. You know, a little show called Jesus Christ Superstar? Perhaps you’ve known about it, yet in the event that you haven’t you certainly will soon. Anyway, when we addressed John at a press junket for the unique occasion he uncovered he’s tossing a colossal torque into his family’s vacation designs. Ideally his pregnant spouse, Chrissy Teigen, 32, wouldn’t fret!

“All things considered, we regularly get a kick out of the chance to cook, we jump at the chance to complete a major supper and every one of these things on Easter,” John informed TheMagazineCity EXCLUSIVELY when we approached concerning his family’s gets ready for the day. At that point he understood that possibly that won’t be the situation this year. “I don’t know whether we can even do it now. So I’m f– lord up Easter,” John let us know with a snicker. Hello, at any rate he has a comical inclination about it!

Gratefully John is somewhat diverted by practices for Jesus Christ Superstar to stress over supper. With respect to the live show, John revealed to TheMagazineCity the weight is helping him get in the zone. “It’s weight yet it’s a decent weight. It implies you don’t take any alternate ways,” John shared. “You don’t hold back on the arrangement. Individuals are going to expect a ton from this and I’m going to attempt to give them as well as can be expected perhaps give them.” We can hardly wait to see John’s execution, it sounds like it’s certainly going to be a decent one!

Let us know, TheMagazineCityrs — Are YOU eager to watch John perform in Jesus Christ Superstar when it affectation live on NBC on Easter Sunday? Remark beneath, let us know!