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Joe Rogan Mocks Donald Trump As A ‘Man Baby’ On His Podcast

Joe took to his digital broadcast once more to scrutinize his continuous objective, previous President Donald Trump with scorching comments.

Joe Rogan, 54, went after Donald Trump, 76, on the last episode of his digital recording, The Joe Rogan Experience, and the previous UFC variety analyst let it all out! On the raucous Thursday, July 14 episode, Joe offered the remarks while visiting with entertainer Tom Segura. At the point when Tom noticed Trump’s remarkable “energy,” Joe answered with hypothesis that Trump was “on Adderall,” per The New York Post.

“I heard they would place his name in briefings on different occasions to keep him intrigued,” Joe said, while Tom answered, “His child in-regulation [Jared Kushner] said he concocted a recipe to keep him connected with … the equation was ‘two great, one terrible,” he said. “So on the off chance that they planned to give him some awful news, you’d begin with some uplifting news. So they go, ‘This is working out positively, everyone’s excited with you about this, here’s something terrible. Likewise, individuals love you for this.'”

Joe laughingly added, “obviously, he’s a man child.” “He’s a baby,” Tom proceeded. Joe has very much a background marked by condemning the previous President. The podcaster went for the throat back in December when that’s what he recommended if Trump somehow managed to campaign for the most noteworthy position in the country in 2024, previous First Lady Michelle Obama, 58, could conveniently beat him.

He offered the comments while riffing with joke artist Tim Dillon on his webcast. “Michelle Obama, and they will bring [Kamala] Harris. Michelle Obama and Harris. Harris returns as the VP. Michelle Obama’s the president. We get a twofold portion of variety. How about we go winner,” Joe said.

Tim concurred, saying, “They’ll win.” The podcaster recommended that Trump couldn’t win again without making a “super group” with traditionalist Florida Governor Ron Desantis. “That is the main way they win,” he said.

Joe then multiplied down on his remarks. “I truly accept assuming Michelle Obama runs, she wins,” he said. “She’s perfect. She’s canny. She’s well-spoken. She’s the spouse of the best president that we have had in the course of our life regarding delegate of keen, articulate individuals. She could win.”