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Kate Winslet’s Daughter Mia Threapleton, 22, Looks Just Like Mom At BAFTA Party: Photos

The ‘Hazardous Liasons’ entertainer shook a tight dark smaller than normal dress at the ‘Vanity Fair’ Rising Star BAFTA pre-party.

Mia Threapleton was totally stunning as she went to a BAFTA pre-party on Thursday, February 2. The entertainer, 22, looked similar to her mother Kate Winslet, who is a three-time BAFTA victor herself. Mia was going to Vanity Fair’s “Rising Star” pre-BAFTA party around fourteen days before the honor show is hung on February 19.

Mia dazed in a dark, off-shoulder smaller than normal dress for the event. She likewise shook a couple of dark heels and conveyed a matching grasp for the event. The A Little Confusion entertainer looked such a lot of like her mom, who had worn a comparative outfit to the honor show in 2016, when she won for her presentation as Joanna Hoffman in the biopic Steve Jobs.Kate donned a comparative off-shoulder, dark outfit for the night, and with her light hair, the two entertainers closely resembled each other.

The BAFTA pre-party appearance comes following a significant year for Mia! She featured in the Starz authentic show series Hazardous Contacts as Rose, and she additionally got to work close by her mother in the “Ruth” episode of the English compilation series I’m… in December 2022.

Mia is Kate’s most seasoned kid. The Titanic star was hitched to Mia’s father Jim Threapleton from 1998 to 2001. Other than Mia, Kate has two children: Joe Alfie Mendes, 19, who she imparts to her ex Sam Mendes, and Bear Blast Winslet, 9, with her better half of north of 10 years Edward Abel Smith. Mia has emulated her mother’s example and turned into an entertainer. Other than her television jobs this year, she’s likewise acted close by her mother in the 2014 film A Little Disarray and featured in the 2020 blood and gore movie Shadows.

Other than getting to act close by her little girl in I’m, 2022 was likewise a significant year for Kate, as she rejoined with Titanic chief James Cameron to star in his hotly anticipated Symbol continuation The Method of Water. The film has been a hit and, surprisingly, procured a Best Movie designation at the 2023 Oscars.