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Kevin Bacon & Girl Sosie, 30, Collaborate For Clever New Hyundai Promotion: Watch

Kevin Bacon and his girl Sosie participated in some perky dad girl exchange for a fun new Hyundai business!

Kevin Bacon, 64, and his 30-year-old girl Sosie Bacon are an incredible group! In another promotion, they collaborated to advance the new EV Hyundai, with amusing outcomes. “It is right there! My father went EV,” Sosie says as the Quakes star, shaking a fanny pack, pulls up in a totally new Hyundai. “It’s electric. Try not to be stunned,” Kevin energetically says as Sosie looks distrustful. “The person who’s interminably kept out of his email, is going EV,” she says as the two of them step into the vehicle. “Oooo, decent vehicle,” Sosie says, while Kevin amusingly answers, “Really, it’s an ‘ev.’ Rymes with ‘Kev.'”

Sosie keeps on seeming awkward with the father jokes. “See, EVIP stopping!” Kevin then jests as they pull up to a charging station. The two proceed with their chitchat, with Sosie breaking the third wall to address the purchaser, and Kevin boasting about his new vehicle. “So take the jump as of now,” Sosie begs watchers, as Kevin keeps on jabbering on about the vehicle’s temperances.

“You understand what rhymes with ‘Kev?’ EV,” the notorious 80s star subtitled the video on his Twitter account. “I know, I know, Sosie feigned exacerbation at that father joke as well. The all-electric #IONIQ6 is a lot of smoother. #HyundaiPartner #ItsYourJourney.”

A large number of the entertainer’s 802K devotees on the stage were excited with the snide peddler, and took to the remarks segment to respond. “Haha @ the fanny pack,” remarked one devotee, to which Kevin immediately answered, “Don’t thump it until you attempt it.” “It’s been some time since a business made me laugh uncontrollably, particularly as a father. All around good,” composed another.

Sosie is Kevin’s little girl — his just — with his entertainer spouse Kyra Sedgwick. They’ve been hitched for a great 34 years, and the well known couple additionally share child Travis Bacon, 33. Sosie initially started showing up in films with 2005’s Loverboy, coordinated by her father and featuring Kyra. The dad girl team were spotted recording together on a Studio City, California film put off in December of 2022.