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Kim Kardashian Gives Skimpy Skims Thong A Racy Name At Photoshoot & Fans Lose It: ‘I Literally Gasped’

Kim Kardashian’s moniker for the ‘Miniature Thong’ from the SKIMS Valentine’s Day assortment had fans reddening. It was a similar g-string from Kendall Jenner’s viral selfie!

Kim Kardashian, 40, didn’t avoid the real issue while portraying the new strap from her SKIMS shapewear brand. “[It’s] essentially a clit cover, that is all it truly covers,” Kim devilishly said while snatching the strap’s itty-bitty g-string, which discernibly had non-existent butt inclusion, in an Instagram Story video on Feb. 12. This is the reason it’s fittingly named the “Fits Everybody Micro Thong,” which will go marked down for $14 when the SKIMS Valentine’s Day assortment drops on Feb. 14.

Kim isn’t known for graceless humor, so the jest got fans unsuspecting. “In a real sense panted,” one fan remarked under a repost of the video, which had all the earmarks of being erased from Kim’s Instagram Story. Another fan stated, “This will live lease free in my brain until the end of time. KIMBERLY NO,” while numerous others were excessively intrigued with the SKIMS strap’s insignificant inclusion to be excessively flustered by Kim’s joke alone. “This would feel so awkward. I’d preferably go commando,” one such fan remarked.

Kim explained in another video that the Fits Everybody Micro Thong is intended to send hearts dashing. “It’s for Valentine’s Day and it covers simply the front,” she clarified on her Instagram Story. Her sister Kendall Jenner, 25, shown exactly how diminutive this strap is subsequent to displaying it for the SKIMS Valentine’s Day assortment photograph shoot, which was likewise recorded on Kim’s Instagram Story on Friday.

In the midst of the shoot, Kendall snapped an easygoing mirror selfie while wearing the new strap innovation — which essentially broke the Internet similarly as much as Kim’s scandalous Paper Magazine cover did in 2014. The selfie became a web sensation on Twitter, as fans wondered about Kendall’s supermodel build.

Kim was similarly as astonished of her sister. “Remind me to never do a photograph shoot in underwear with Kendall,” Kim said on her Instagram Story, adding, “It’s crazy how amazing she is.” Kim and Kendall were additionally joined by Kylie Jenner for sister photographs! Kylie wore SKIMS’ $32 “Fits Everybody Skimpy Scoop Bralette” and the $18 “Fits Everybody Thong” (an alternate one), which was a similar set that Kim wore.