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Kristian Bush’s New Group Dark Water Brings The Iconic Sounds Of The ’70s Into Modern Day Madness

Amidst recording another Sugarland collection, Kristian Bush has another task called Dark Water, and you’re going to need to take a tune in!

It may appear Kristian Bush is continually working — from delivering blue grass collections, to recording another Sugarland collection, to composing a melodic and now, working with his new trio, Dark Water. Yet, as indicated by Kristian, “You worked 10 years to be great at things 30 minutes one after another,” in this way, “I’m simply sitting submissively going ‘Yes, I will.‘” The dad of two is at present centered around his new pursuit called Dark Water, a trio made up of himself, his sibling Brandon (in the past of Train) and their long-lasting teammate Benji Shanks. “We communicate in the language of siblings, yet in addition, we communicate in the language of artists,” Kristian clarified in an EXCLUSIVE meeting with TheMagazineCity. After over eight years of cooperating on various ventures, Brandon had the plan to meet up as a gathering.”

At the point when it went to the music, Kristian considered it an “innovative examination,” where the folks asked themselves, “What five melodies would have been on The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty record?” “during the time spent noting it, I discovered about that time on the planet, when I wasn’t conceived at this point, so it was somewhat cool to expound on a period and a space and a frame of mind and a situation in life that encompassed the day you were conceived,” he clarified. The artist likewise included that the music he was making with Dark Water didn’t simply impact him as a grown-up male, yet additionally his adolescent child. “He resembled, ‘Father, what is that? Those verses sound like my life,'” Kristian reviewed. “It seemed like the possibility that things outside your window are so nutty. Around then, the late ’60s, mid ’70s, there was a TV, however for the most part it was only anything outside your entryway. What’s more, to him, I surmise outside the window is directly through his telephone.”

He proceeded, “Outside your window, it looks sort of odd and it’s difficult to confide in what’s going on. You can’t generally tell what direction’s up and you truly need to clutch your companion. You know you’re not going to endure this thing alone, whatever it is, and you’re going to require help and you will need to incline toward one another to do it. It is anything but another, intriguing thought, yet it is something.”

Dull Water discharged their self-titled, debut collection on Nov. 15, alongside their single “Paint It Blue,” which has just gotten radio play! It’s presently accessible on every single gushing assistance now.