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Leo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid Actually ‘Considering Each Other’ To Be He’s Spotted Out With Victoria Lamas (Restrictive)

Sources near the model and entertainer uncovered that they’re both keeping things serene after sentiment bits of hearsay between the two sprung up.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are still nonchalantly going out! Sources near the two stars uncovered to TheMagazineCity Only that nothing has changed in their relationship since the style symbol, 27, and entertainer, 48, after he was seen out with a gathering, including model Victoria Lamas, 23. “Leo is single. Nothing has changed with Gigi. They are nonchalantly seeing one another yet there isn’t anything serious happening between them by any stretch of the imagination,” an insider near Leo uncovered.

Another source near Gigi let TMC know that she was unbothered by the gathering outing, and would be OK to see somebody else.”Gigi realizes that Leo and Victoria were out with a lot of companions which, obviously, is totally fine with her. Albeit this was certainly not a heartfelt trip, Gigi has no assessment somehow regardless of whether Leo conclude he needs to date others,” they said. “Her and Leo were never in a committed relationship in the first place, and they had no responsibilities to one another.”

They kept on saying that she’s glad to see where what’s in store takes them, however will not be excessively vexed in the event that they don’t turn into a couple. “Gigi thinks Leo is an incredible person, and she’s partaking in the easygoing relationship that they as of now have. She doesn’t know whether it will transform into much else serious not too far off yet regardless of whether it, she’d very much want to keep a kinship with him. He’s an astounding individual and, surprisingly, however she’s uncertain what’s on the horizon as far as something more serious, it’s not even on her radar at the present time,” the buddy said.

The insider likewise made sense of that Gigi’s cashmere image Visitor in Home and being a mother to her girl Khai have kept her “very occupied,” over any heartfelt interests. “Her dating life simply isn’t vital and it’s not something she is vigorously put resources into,” they said.

Leo and Gigi have been accounted for to be connected since September. Since the underlying bits of hearsay that they were going out, The Wolf Of Money Road star and model have been seen out together on a couple of events, with one of their latest dates being at a New York City diner in November.