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‘Life After Lockup’ Preview: Lamar Is A No-Show To See His Daughter After 2 Months — Watch

Lamar is mysteriously absent when Andrea and the children appear at meet him at the air terminal in this EXCLUSIVE see of the all-new ‘Living day to day After Lockup.’

“Lamar is coming to visit without precedent for 2 months,” Andrea says in our EXCLUSIVE video of the Jan. 10 scene of Life After Lockup. “I simply need to be welcoming and kind so that Lamar can make the most of his time with the children.” Andrea has disclosed to her companions that Priscilla is Lamar’s youngster, yet she hasn’t revealed to her children yet. “We have to have a discussion to come clean with the children,” Andrea concedes.

Andrea accumulates Priscilla and her other two children to go to the air terminal to meet Lamar. Andrea uncovers that she’s anxious about observing Lamar once more. The last time they saw one another, they got into a major battle. She needs Lamar to “wake up” about living separated. “It is anything but an approach to raise a family,” she includes.

Andrea and the children appear at the air terminal. They hang tight for Lamar however he never appears. Andrea calls and Lamar doesn’t get. She promises to not converse with him again on the off chance that he abandoned them. Her more seasoned kids get somewhat irritated at their mother. “I figured he would need to see his girl without precedent for 2 months yet did he at any point jump on this flight?” Andrea ponders in the last snapshots of the review. Lamar better have a decent clarification for this.

The rundown for the Jan. 10 scene of the Love After Lockup side project peruses: “Michael faces Megan’s father. Shane detonates when he gets Lacey in an untruth. Tony’s selling out lights a firestorm of anger. Sarah reveals soil on Michael and makes a stunning danger. Lamar’s family gathering goes ahead. Marcelino’s devastating revelation.” Life After Lockup pretense Fridays at 9 p.m. on WE television.