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Lil Nas X Gets Crucified in Wild ‘J Christ’ Music Video

Lil Nas X kept his pattern of going with scriptural subjects in his most recent music video, where he played a holy messenger, a devil, and a lot of different characters.

Lil Nas X never neglects to work up debate with his music recordings, and his most recent single “J Christ” is no exemption. The rapper, 24, dropped the eye-getting video after much expectation on Friday, January 12. Given the melody’s title, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to conjure a portion of Christianity’s greatest figures, including the nominal Jesus and Noah, in addition to he played a wide exhibit of additional characters.

In perhaps of the most extreme second in the video, Lil Nas X balanced up on a cross wearing a couple of white robes around his midriff, as well as a crown of thistles and a couple of polished white boots. Individuals moved around him in the clasp. He played another Book of scriptures figure later, as screens cautioned of a monstrous flood. He was wearing robes with a staff coordinating creatures onto a pontoon, as a kind of perspective to Noah.

That wasn’t the main scriptural symbolism that the “Montero” rapper invoked. The start of the clasp included individuals strolling up a flight of stairs to paradise, and Lil Nas X played a holy messenger, wearing a gold choker that said “Sex.” The camera then, at that point, panned down to heck, where he likewise played an evil presence, managing a cauldron of human appendages. The following scene included him dressed as a ball playing holy messenger, going one-on-one against Satan in a wonderful stadium. He figures out how to score a dunk.

At different places in the video, the rapper brandished a team promoter’s outfit as he moved. He likewise shook a shepherd’s garments, as he pet a sheep. At another point, he donned a sumptuous outfit in an honorary pathway setting, suggestive of the Met Function, which he’s gone to two times previously.

Before the track’s delivery, Lil Nas X had shared a couple of clasps and photographs from the video. Correspondingly to when he dropped his “Montero (Call out to Me By You) music video, the scriptural nature worked up some debate, and the rapper wouldn’t hesitate to applaud back at his faultfinders on X. “Individuals have been reproducing scriptural stories for millennia. everyone sincere christians when lil nas stroll in the room though,” he kept in touch with one critic.