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Michael Jackson’s Niece Brandi Accuses Ex-BF Wade Robson Of ‘Lying’ About Sexual Abuse Allegations

Michael Jackson’s niece asserts her ex Wade Robson is lying in the doc ‘Leaving Neverland’ about the pop whiz purportedly explicitly manhandling him as a youngster. She says he’s simply out for cash.

Michael Jackson‘s niece Brandi Jackson is getting out Wade Robson as a liar for his exceptionally point by point record of seven years of supposed tyke sexual maltreatment because of the late pop hotshot. In the nerve racking new narrative Leaving Neverland, both the 36-year-old choreographer and individual asserted unfortunate casualty James Safechuck blame grown-up a MJ for preparing them as youthful youngsters to be the artist’s closest companion, at that point turning the relationship sexual. Brandi — who is the 37-year-old little girl of MJ’s sibling Jackie, 57 — revealed to Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on March 11 that “When I was viewing [Leaving Neverland], I was totally sickened by it, to be completely forthright with you. The things that he was stating were so preposterous thus ludicrous.”

“[Wade] was not depicting my uncle. He was portraying an entirely unexpected individual, however not my uncle. Also, that is the reason this is a story that has changed… in the course of the most recent 15 years. Everything that he’s at any point said about my uncle is the direct inverse of his identity painting in this narrative.” Wade guaranteed in the doc that from the very beginning of the supposed sexual maltreatment at age seven that Michael instructed him to never admit to it or converse with anybody about it in light of the fact that them two would go to imprison.

“Some portion of what I need to state to that is, with Wade saying that he was apprehensive [he and Michael] would go to imprison [if he uncovered the abuse], Wade was a developed man when he affirmed the second time.” Brandi told the show. Swim clarified in the doc the different reasons why he affirmed for Michael’s sake amid his 2005 tyke sexual maltreatment preliminary of 13-year-old Gavin Arizo. He was constrained by the vocalist’s legitimate group to be a genuinely necessary guard observer and said that after all that had occurred between them, he still profoundly adored Michael. He likewise emphatically felt that the vocalist had turned out to be frail to the point that jail would execute him and would not like to see him endure that way. Swim additionally said he gave the declaration that Michael never explicitly mishandled him since he would not like to see MJ’s three youthful youngsters grow up without their father.

Brandi proceeded, “And on the off chance that somebody had been anally infiltrating you and anally manhandling you when you were 14 years of age, and you got an opportunity to go on the stand and put that man away for whatever remains of his life so he couldn’t hurt any other person, you’d do it. You would. I can comprehend when he was a tyke in the event that he was too reluctant to even think about doing a wonder such as this, that bodes well. In any case, as a developed man, it doesn’t.”

Brandi supposedly dated Wade from the time they were nine through 18, despite the fact that her name and relationship never comes up in the doc. She supposes both Wade and individual informer James are approaching about supposed youngster sexual maltreatment by Michael now since they are “completely, 100 percent” needing cash out of their allegations. “It’s shocking however it’s actual,'” she stated, despite the fact that neither of the men has recorded any claims or money related cases towards the Jackson domain since the doc’s discharge.