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‘Morbius’ Trailer: Jared Leto, 48, Transforms Into The Vampire Villain — Watch

The ever-enduring Jared Leto is setting off to the clouded side in ‘Morbius.’ The primary trailer shows Jared’s transformation into the notable vampire screw-up.

Jared Leto, 48, stars as the mysterious Michael Morbius in the all-new film Morbius. Dr. Morbius is perilously sick with an uncommon blood malady and resolved to spare others from enduring his equivalent destiny. “I ought to have passed on years prior,” Morbius says in the trailer. “For what reason am I still here if not to fix it?” He faces a significant challenge for what could be a fix.

From the outset, apparently his bet was a triumph. “I went from biting the dust to feeling more invigorated than any time in recent memory,” Morbius concedes. Be that as it may, the cure might be conceivably more terrible than the malady. He’s equipped with various superhuman capacities yet additionally the overwhelming need to devour blood.

“How far are we permitted to go to fix something that is broken?” Morbius asks his coach. Jared Harris‘ character answers, “Until the cure is more regrettable than the sickness.” The last snapshots of the trailer give us a look at Morbius in the entirety of his magnificence.

There is likewise a flicker and-you’ll-miss-it see Matt Smith‘s character, Loxias Crown. Loxias is Morbius’ previous companion and possible adversary. You realize that Matt and Jared’s go head to head will be epic.

Michael Keaton makes an astounding appearance in the last seconds of the trailer. “Michael Morbius… became weary of doing the entire hero thing, huh? What’s up, doc?” Keaton jokes to Morbius. Extra insights regarding his character have not been uncovered. Keaton strikingly played Batman in two movies and the lowlife Vulture in Spiderman: Homecoming. Would he be able to repeat the job of Vulture in Morbius? The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually.

The motion picture likewise stars Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud and Adria Arjona as Martine Bancroft. Morbius is set to be discharged on July 31, 2020.