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‘National Enquirer’ Paid Lauren Sanchez’s Brother $200K To Leak Jeff Bezos’ Romantic Texts – Report

Another insightful report asserts that Lauren Sanchez’s sibling, Michael Sanchez, uncovered his sister’s supposed undertaking with Jeff Bezos to the National Enquirer for an installment of $200,000.

The National Enquirer spilled Amazon CEO’s Jeff Bezos‘ scandalous writings and photographs to helicopter pilot Lauren Sanchez on Jan. 10, and individuals “acquainted with the issue” have disclosed to The Wall Street Journal that it was Lauren’s own sibling, headhunter and Trump supporter Michael Sanchez, who purportedly gave the writings to the newspaper. The Daily Beast, the Associated Press, and even Jeff’s security boss, Gavin de Becker, had just named Michael as the conceivable source in reports Feb. 2019, however on March 18, another Wall Street Journal piece put the sticker price on the supposed arrangement at $200,000 and clarified how Sanchez hit up an arrangement with the grocery store production. TheMagazineCity has contacted reps for Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez, Michael Sanchez and AMI for input.

Michael, an announced moderate and Donald Trump sympathizer, has “for quite some time been a hotspot for the Enquirer and its best editorial manager, Dylan Howard,” as per WSJ’s sources. (Trump is likewise a faultfinder of The Washington Post, which Bezos possesses.) The WSJ’s insiders guarantee that Lauren’s sibling started talking with the National Enquirer in the fall of 2018. Around then, Bezos, 55, was as yet hitched to his significant other Mackenzie, 48, of 25 years, mother of the couples 4 kids. Sanchez, 49, was hitched to diversion and sports world powerhouse Patrick Whitesell, 54, official director of the of the ability office William Morris Endevour Entertainment. In the meantime, the Enquirer purportedly started exploring Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezo’s relationship, trailing then to eateries and inns, and shooting them together, as indicated by the WSJ report. In any case, David Pecker, the CEO of American Media (which possesses National Enquirer), was at first reluctant about running the story out of dread that Jeff would sue, says the report.

All things considered, in spite of with his worries, the WSJ’s insiders guarantee Pecker affirmed the $200,000 bargain between the National Enquirer and Michael Sanchez, which the Wall Street Journal claims was consulted by “American Media’s central substance officer, Dylan Howard; its general direction for media, Cameron Stracher; and others.” If genuine, this result was “higher” than what the outlet’s sources ordinarily got, as indicated by the report. Sanchez supposedly went into an agreement with American Media in Oct. 26, 2018, and was paid the $200,000 forthright.

In any case, Lauren’s sibling Michael has just denied releasing the pair’s writings and cozy photographs traded by the couple, including one’s of Jeff’s genitalia. “I didn’t have anything to do with [the] break of the dick pics. That is the critical thing… I never approached. It’s unmistakable they were sent to other people. There are, similar to, 20 dick pics. Lauren likely imparted them to different sweethearts, not noxiously,” he revealed to Vanity Fair in a meeting distributed on Feb. 14. Lauren’s sibling wasn’t as direct when gotten some information about the sentimental messages connected to Jeff: “I’m not saying I didn’t accomplish something… Until I go after swearing to tell the truth, what I can reveal to you presently is that as far back as April 20, when I met Jeff, my solitary objective has been to secure Jeff and Lauren.”

Bezos affirmed that the “private writings” had a place with him and blamed the National Enquirer for endeavoring to extort him on Feb. 7, 2019. “As opposed to abdicate to coercion and extort, I’ve chosen to distribute precisely what they sent me, in spite of the individual expense and shame they compromise,” he wrote in a protracted blog entry on Medium which drew acclaim from over the Internet. This pursued the declaration that he and spouse Mackenzie made mutually on Twitter on Jan. 9, that after a ‘long partition’, the couple would separate.