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Pink Denies Claims She Cringed During Christina Aguilera’s Whitney Houston Tribute: ‘She Killed It’

Pink shocked face AMAs Credit: ABC

Pink says she has only love for Christina Aguilera’s Whitney Houston tribute.

After a clasp of Pink viewing Aguilera’s execution at the 2017 American Music Awards coursed on the web, many remarked that, with a profoundly wrinkled temples, Pink didn’t look exceptionally awed.

However, constantly one to set the record straight, Pink took to Twitter to hammer the individuals who are making show where there is none and uncover it was a look of wonder as opposed to despise.

She expressed, “Yes. THIS. Christina f—ing slaughtered it today around evening time for one of our most loved vocalists ever. This about Whitney, and I am in amazement of Christina’s ability. Demonstrate the clasp where I’m in tears, you negative Nancys.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 19: Christina Aguilera

Some online even envisioned that Pink’s accepted frown amid the execution originated from long-standing dramatization between the two powerhouse vocalists.

Discrediting those cases, Pink retweeted Fuse TV’s Mark Sundstrom who expressed “@Pink and @Xtina deaded their meat a year ago and have been FRIENDS since, regarding each other’s astounding ability as developed ladies. quit making something out of nothing@TheShadyFacts“.

In spite of the fact that the combine broadly fought in their childhood, they have since presented appropriate reparations and cooperated on The Voice in 2016.

“She’s so gifted and where it counts I’ve had terrible days, as well,” Pink uncovered in October. “She’s a truly sweet individual. We made up on The Voice. That is to say, it was interesting, I giggled. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and years.”

With respect to how they figured out how to get over their disparities, the “Shouldn’t something be said about Us” vocalist essentially stated, “We progressed toward becoming mothers. We grew up. We embraced it out. It’s that basic. I feel so great about that.”

Aguilera herself appeared to be incandescently happy after the Houston mixture that celebrated the 25th commemoration of The Bodyguard. In a video presented on Twitter after the execution, she said thanks to the AMAs and the Houston family, saying “I’ve had a great time.”

And Aguilera seems to only be worried about one person’s opinion. “I hope I did you proud Whitney,” she said. “Love you forever.”