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Porsha Williams Posts Video Of Her Daughter Pilar Jhena, 9 Mos, Teething & Fans Lose Their Minds

Porsha Williams shares a lovable video of little girl Pilar Jhena chewing on a wet cloth and approaches mothers of the web for getting teeth tips!

Those child teeth are coming in! Porsha Williams, 38, took to Instagram on Saturday, January 11 to share a video of her 9-month-old girl Piler Jhena, otherwise known as PJ, getting teeth. The video starts with a nearby of PJ sitting in her mother’s lap wearing a happy reindeer onesie and staring at the TV. The most cute piece of the short clasp is perceiving how she’s been managing her creating infant teeth. Supporters can see that she’s troubling a little wet towel to help with the developing agonies and it’s both adorable and sort of tragic.

Porsha subtitled the post, “Getting teeth 😩❤️ What worked best for your little tots?! #9months @pilarjhena,” and many rushed to react with their very own getting teeth tips and deceives. Individual unscripted television star Toya Bush-Harris, 43, prescribed, “The giraffe and Motrin,” while another parent ringed in and stated, “Tylenol and Motrin in light of the fact that those teeth are executioner!” Another supportive parent stated, “Get her an extra delicate toothbrush and let her run it over her gums..trust me this makes a difference.” The most bizarre recommendation we saw was an astonishing measure of individuals suggesting, “A Lil Hennessy on the gums.” How unusual!

This valuable mother-girl minute follows all the disarray that has been going on among Porsha and her life partner Dennis McKinley, 43. Dennis seemed to address bits of gossip that he cheated once more on The Real Housewives of Atlanta star in a baffling post on his Instagram stories Thursday night that read, “I can’t eat?”

Dennis shared an animation image of inexpensive food, alongside the secretive content, which seemed, by all accounts, to be an inconspicuous reaction to news that he was spotted entering an Atlanta coffee shop with numerous “delightful ladies,” who were all “playing with him,” on Jan. 4.

The news didn’t take long to work up bits of gossip that Dennis cheated, once more. Aficionados of RHOA will realize that he previously admitted to his unfaithfulness, which happened while Porsha was pregnant with their little girl during a treatment session on the show.