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‘Power’s Naturi Naughton: Tasha Is ‘Finally Getting Over Ghost’ In Final Season — She’s ‘A Boss’

Naturi Naughton spoke EXCLUSIVELY with TMC about Tasha’s circular segment in ‘Power’s last season. From a progressively ‘autonomous’ Tasha to going to ‘extraordinary lengths’ to secure Tariq, Tasha isn’t giving anybody a chance to remain in her manner.

Power returns for its last season on Aug. 25. The hit Starz arrangement includes a mind boggling group cast, including Naturi Naughton, the furious spouse of Omari Hardwick‘s James “Apparition” St. Patrick. TheMagazineCity plunked down EXCLUSIVELY with Naturi to discuss where Tasha is going in season 6. Phantom is never again pulling every one of the strings, that is without a doubt. “Tasha is at long last getting over Ghost, running route past him. She is so abandoning him out yonder. Looking in the rearview reflect, as is commonly said,” Naturi told TheMagazineCity at Power’s press junket in New York City. “I think this is the season that she turns out to be a greater amount of an autonomous lady. She additionally takes advantage of her criminal side and uses her business psyche to enable her to be a criminal in different ways, so she’s as yet going to be a boss. She’s extremely a manager, she’s extremely solid. Furthermore, this year, she understands she needn’t bother with Ghost to be that lady and to be that solid.”

One of the primary concentrations for Tasha this season is keeping Tariq safe and keeping him from going down a risky way. “Tasha will make a huge effort [to secure Tariq],” Naturi proceeded. “This is the place she holds no stops. Regardless of whether it means going toward Ghost, she will do whatever to secure Tariq to get him back, to ensure he’s protected. Be that as it may, she additionally may do a few things you don’t concur with as a mother since it’s about survival. It’s not just about the ‘right’ thing politically or the right thing. It’s about survival. Furthermore, at times, she will encourage Tariq to do a few things that the normal mother won’t encourage you to do in light of the fact that she’s about survival and that is all she thinks about — with or without Ghost. Secure the offspring. That is the momma bear in her.”

Be that as it may, she noted that Tariq’s conduct is an immediate consequence of what he’s seen from his folks, Tommy, and Kanan. “Tragically, we’ve all made this beast of who he’s progressed toward becoming,” Naturi said. “He’s perilous, he’s deceiving his folks, he couldn’t care less about school, he’s managing drugs. That is to say, my poor child! He’s been undermined and I need to spare him however it’s so difficult in light of the fact that there’s such huge numbers of impacts out there and it’s difficult to bring him back. That is quite of Tasha’s battle [this season], attempting to bring Tariq back.”

Phantom and Tommy are at war in the last season after Tommy shot Angela in the season 5 finale. This puts Tasha in an awkward position in light of the fact that Tommy has turned out to resemble family to Tasha. “It’s intriguing in light of the fact that Tommy resembles her sibling and she adores him in spite of the fact that he’s settled on some poor choices, as Ghost has as a spouse,” Naturi told TheMagazineCity at the Television Critics Association summer press visit. “But on the other hand Ghost’s the dad of my children. Along these lines, it’s difficult to be in their issue in light of the fact that in one breath I’m so tired of Ghost and every one of the things that he’s put my family through. And yet, he is family. Things being what they are, how would you dispose of the man that I bore kids with, who my child requirements for direction? It’s extremely hard. I think Tasha, this specific season, is beginning to depend less on other individuals, Ghost and Tommy included, and begins to make sense of how she will make due without them, without anybody, which is somewhat desolate. She’s somewhat heedless this year. Furthermore, her kinships, even her companionship with Lakeisha played by La La Anthony , it’s everything extremely wild and it’s everything scarred. I believe it’s hazardous to be around Tasha this year since she could speak harshly to any minute.”

The last period of Power will comprise of 15 scenes rather than the typical 10 scenes. Power won’t unobtrusively, that is without a doubt. “I really recall understanding it and resembling, would they say they are not kidding at the present time? My response was various things,” Naturi said about perusing the arrangement finale content. “These scholars are astounding. Damn. It resembled, damn. At that point it resembled, actually however? It is safe to say that we are truly going this far? It’s irreversible, a portion of the things that we did in our last season. It resembles we can’t return from that. And afterward, finally, I was recently regarded that we get the opportunity to go out with such a blast. That is to say, so regularly as on-screen characters, when you get in a demonstrate that is fruitful, you underestimate it since you think, goodness, I should be here. Be that as it may, you didn’t need to be. You could have been on a show, similar to you stated, that either is failing in the numbers, instead of us advancing in our numbers. You could be in a demonstrate that is dropped in three scenes. I was on a show and we got dropped in three scenes and it should be a major show. We get the opportunity to go out on a high instead of extending this procedure where we’re similar to, when is that show consistently going to end? In this way, that does right by me.” Power show Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.