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Rachel McAdams Reveals She Wants To Play Her ‘Mean Girls’ Character Regina George Again

Regina George 15 years after the fact? Rachel McAdams uncovered she isn’t against repeating her famous ‘Mean Girls’ character again during this live stream!

Rachel McAdams, 41, will always be “Regina George”! The Canadian on-screen character shot to fame in the wake of playing the “Plastics” pioneer close by Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried in 2004’s Mean Girls, and she just uncovered she would be available to returning to the character later on. “It is enjoyable to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!” Rachel said on the “Legends of Health: COVID-19 Stream-a-thon” on Saturday, April 18. With respect to whether it’s at any point been a conversation, she affirmed it’s just come up “in kidding… not exactly truly.”

Virgin radio host J Stevens went to inquire as to whether she at any point figured Mean Girls would turn into the notorious film that it has. “It’s been 15 years of Regina George… did you realize that [that movie] would have a dependable impact on individuals, and molded to a huge degree mainstream society and society?” he asked the London, Ontario local. “How about we trust Mean Girls has helped young ladies to be more pleasant to one another and not the opposite way around,” Rachel, clad in a dim sweatshirt that read “Canadian Made” stated, including, “Better believe it, it’s extremely strange. I feel extremely fortunate to have been a piece of something that is stayed — even a tad. That was nothing I envisioned occurring throughout everyday life. It’s weird dreamlike still.”

Rachel proceeded to dish about another significant film she completed 15 years back with then-sweetheart Ryan Gosling. “I recollect after I did The Notebook and one of the individuals at the studio called me to state, ‘congrats, it’s an extremely delightful film. I’m not going to bring in any cash on it. I’m likely going to lose cash on it. In any case, I simply need you to realize that it’s an extremely decent film. What’s more, you should simply feel better, regardless of whether it doesn’t ever go anyplace’,” she admitted. “[I thought] ‘Thank you, I believe?’ That’s the thing, no one can tell how things will take off or go,” she went on.

The London, Ontario local was showing up on the COVID-19 stream to fund-raise for the London Health Sciences Foundation in her old neighborhood. Rachel has a nearby association with the reason as her mom Sandra McAdams — who went to the Academy Awards with her in 2016 — is an enrolled nurture in London. “Much thanks to you to everybody who is out there contending so energetically, the individuals who decided to do unsafe employments, and are going out there,” she likewise said. “Base of my heart, so much appreciation.”