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Ray J’s Wife Princess Love Felt ‘Disrespected’ By Kim K Sex Tape Joke At MTV Movie & TV Awards

MTV Movie and TV Awards have Zachary Levi’s break about Ray J’s sex tape with Kim Kardashian didn’t carry a grin to Princess Love’s face. We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned Ray J’s significant other completely ‘detested’ the ‘awful’ joke.

“America’s other sweetheart Ray J, from Love and Hip Hop, is here. Despite the fact that I’m certain some of you are progressively acquainted with his work as a cameraman,” Zachary Levi, 38, said while facilitating the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards. Beam J, 38, didn’t quickly react to the reference to his 2007 sex tape with previous sweetheart Kim Kardashian, 38, yet his significant other, Princess Love, 34, responded by tossing both her center fingers up. “Princess dependably says and does whatever she is feeling,” a source near Princess tells TheMagazineCity EXCLUSIVELY. “[Flipping the bird] was her moment response to being slighted.”

“That joke was path over the line,” the source tells TheMagazineCity, including that Princess imagined that “having her better half’s past tossed in her face like that with everybody viewing was such a shameful move. Obviously, it got her frantic.” The insider additionally noticed that Princess’ annoyance “had nothing to do with Kim. She was distraught at [Levi] for making the joke.” It’s been over 10 years since the tape Ray made of him having intercourse with Kim was made open, and Princess Love wishes that everybody would simply release it.

“Princess feels like Ray J is far beyond that tape,” a moment insider tells TheMagazineCity EXCLUSIVELY, “and everybody ought to be past this snapshot of his life at this point. She simply preferred not to be a piece of the [MTV Movie and TV Awards] in such a horrible manner. She needed to have a fabulous time and she had an inclination that she was assaulted, which dependably sucks.”

However, as long as Kim Kardashian is one of the greatest famous people on the planet, Ray J will be related with that sex tape. “Ethically, I was burrowing myself a gap. What’s more, I had an inclination that in a moment I would need to cover myself in it,” the rapper said about the 2007 sex tape contention on the April 24 scene of Logan Paul‘s digital recording, Impaulsive. “Imagine a scenario where I was a parent and how might I feel if that happened to my girl or one of my children. I would be irate about it. What’s more, I began to see myself in various individuals’ shoes and see what that would feel like, and that simply wasn’t cool.”

At the point when gotten some information about whether he “made” Kim with that tape, Ray J gave a hard “no” to that. “I feel like toward the day’s end, with the end goal for me to have the option to rest in the bed around evening time with my significant other, I must probably avoid as much self-incrimination as possible.” It appears that both Ray and Princess Love need to put the sex tap in their rearview reflects for good — and wish that every other person would, as well.