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‘RHOA’s Kenya Moore, 49, Reveals Her No. 1 Beauty Secret To Keeping Her Skin Looking So Youthful

Kenya Moore has been looking better than anyone might have expected in her make-up free selfies, and uncovered how she’s been keeping her composition glancing so new in this EXCLUSIVE meeting!

Kenya Moore, 49, is sharing how she keeps her skin looking so young! “To begin with, clearly hydration — it’s extremely significant during this opportunity to remain hydrated and sound,” Kenya spilled to TheMagazineCity EXCLUSIVELY, uncovering she drinks a lot of water to keep her skin supple and flushes out poisons. “So I think simply keeping your skin hydrated, working out and attempting to attempt to eat as sound as you can… yet hydration, I would state, is number one,” the mother of-one proceeded.

In spite of the fact that the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star looks dazzling when she’s glammed up on the show and for photoshoots, Kenya likewise conceded she’s a sorry cosmetics lady — which additionally encourages her composition. “I simply don’t generally wear cosmetics. Except if I’m simply feeling exhausted one day and I’m similar to, ‘Goodness, I need to you know, treat myself to a face today’,” she proceeded. “[I keep my skin] clean. I ensure that I don’t rest in cosmetics, that I do a careful purifying and saturating before I head to sleep. In this way, you know, keep it straightforward.”

Kenya has recently depended on one go-to enhance for her skin on Instagram: Ocean Remedies Krill Oil, which contains two omega-3 unsaturated fats, enemies of oxidants and the sky is the limit from there. “I don’t think you need a great deal of insane items,” the truth star included her meeting. On her accounts, she’s uncovered that the item has been “gold” for her nails, skin, and hair!

The 49-year-old as of late posted a return photograph as a youngster, and fans immediately saw that the character hasn’t matured a day! “No that is not @thebrooklyndaly that is me and my younger sibling. I was around 13/14 years of age,” Kenya subtitled the photograph, which gives her nestling her delightful then little child sibling on her lap! She dazed during the ’80s pic, and flaunted her immortal magnificence.

Kenya has gladly posted cosmetics free photographs and selfies throughout the years, demonstrating she’s more than OK with herself. On Jan. 2, she uncovered her common skin and wavy hair in only a white two-piece as she absorbed the sun. “Open,” Kenya inscribed the pic, including a red heart emoticon.