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Shanna Moakler Shares Ex Husband Travis Barker’s Reaction To 40Lbs. Weight Loss

Did Shanna Moakler seek retribution on her ex, Travis Barker, with her new smokin’ hot body? She lets us know EXCLUSIVELY what her previous spouse needed to state about her unbelievable weight reduction.

Shanna Moakler is carrying on with her best existence with a definitive “retribution body.” The Miss USA 1995-next in line, supermodel, unscripted tv star and ex of Travis Barker has dropped 40-pounds, and all her previous sweethearts have paid heed. “I have not gotten notification from my ex, my last ex, yet I have gotten notification from my youngsters’ fathers,” Shanna, 45, said while talking EXCLUSIVELY with TheMagazineCity. She imparts one youngster to fighter Oscar De Lay Hoya (little girl Atiana, 21) and two with Travis (child Landon, 16, and girl Alabama, 14). Both Oscar and Travis, as per Shanna, have “said that they are extremely glad for me, and to ‘keep doing awesome.’ extremely ideal to hear.”

This increase in certainty, civility of her exes, has Shanna plunging over into the jumping pool – sorta. COVID-19 “Safe house In Place” limitations keep her from going out, yet that hasn’t prevented her from attempting to discover love in this season of coronavirus. “I am dating — more FaceTime dating right now, however I’m available to dating,” she tells TheMagazineCity. In July 2019, she and her sweetheart of five years threw in the towel. “I think [the weight reduction has] helped me a ton in the realm of dating since I can feel progressively certain about myself. Previously, I would not like to meet anyone. I would not like to date. I didn’t such as myself. Presently it gave me the certainty to sort of return out there and meet another person.

Shanna and Travis were hitched in 2004. A wild relationship that was caught on their MTV unscripted tv show Meet The Barkers, Travis, and Shanna would battle, make up, battle, and make out. The couple isolated in 2006, and Travis sought legal separation. They accommodated around 2007, however authoritatively separated in 2008. From that point forward, as they’ve co-parented their kids, things have been generally smooth between them (with the incidental hindrance.) Clearly, things are sufficient among Travis and Shanna for him to urge her to remain on this way to a superior life.

Shanna Moakler Exclusively for TheMagazineCity

“My [emotional] needs and my needs weren’t being met, so I went to nourishment to fulfill myself,” she disclosed to TheMagazineCity while clarifying how she “ended her life back” and dropped the weight. The July 2019 separation with her drawn out beau left her inclination “alone and extremely troubled,” so she attempted to fill that void with careless eating. “I was genuinely eating since that is the thing that I enjoyed. I would wake up and resemble, ‘What am I going to eat today? What eatery am I going to go to? What cheap food place am I going to eat at?'” She currently screens what she eats and constrains herself to 1800 calories per day.

“It wasn’t care for I did a craze or a fast in and out eating regimen. I truly made significant way of life changes. It’s only a piece of my life now. It’s the means by which I eat, and it’s the way I cook. It’s simply something that I do intellectually, truly, profoundly, deal with myself.”