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‘Stumptown’ Preview: Dex Learns New Information About Benny’s Death — Watch

Dex is shocked when she discovers that she was ‘illegitimately educated’ about what she was told about Benny’s passing right now of the all-new scene of ‘Stumptown.’

Jeremy, one of Dex’s previous customers, acquaints Dex with Major Elders right now and he has some extra knowledge into Benny’s passing. “You were told the explosives were taken by the Taliban, explicitly by somebody you had in guardianship?” Major Elders asks Dex, who answers, “Indeed, sir.” He reveals to her that she was “illegitimately educated” about that.

Significant Elders has gained from Jeremy that Dex reprimands herself for the assault that murdered Benny, yet he needs her to realize it wasn’t her deficiency. The bomb signature on the IED coordinated a wildcat death group and Benny’s humvee was “focused on mistakenly.”

This is all so hard for Dex to fold her head over. She needs to see the record about Benny’s demise. “None of this bodes well,” Dex says in dismay. “On the off chance that Benny was focused on wrongly why is arranged top mystery?” she inquires. Significant Elders sees that Dex is getting disturbed and fears he said excessively. Jeremy says Major Elders is experiencing a ton of difficulty to get Dex conclusion. Be that as it may, presently Dex needs answers and she will get them.

“They’re concealing it,” Dex discloses to Major Elders. “What truly occurred, Major? Let me know.”

The summation for the March 18 scene peruses: “Dex’s previous customer Jeremy acquaints her with Major Elders who has intel on Benny’s passing. Dex, suspicious of the data and searching for answers, examines a potential concealment including Benny’s unit in Afghanistan. Somewhere else, Hoffman and his accomplice, Lee, work intently on a sting activity that incredibly includes a well-known face. Then, Gray’s newly discovered relationship with his dad is tried.” Stumptown pretense Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.