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‘Survivor’ Preview: Chris Doesn’t Receive The Warmest Welcome When He Arrives At ‘Edge Of Extinction’

In this EXCLUSIVE ‘Survivor’ sneak look, Reem and Keith treat Chris with chilling disdain when he appears at the ‘Edge of Extinction’ with an acrid demeanor in the wake of being casted a ballot off.

Chris Underwood was caught off-guard by the Manu clan amid a week ago’s scene of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, and TheMagazineCity has an EXCLUSIVE sneak look at his Edge of Extinction landing! This season, players who are casted a ballot out are given the alternative to remain in the diversion by living on the ‘Edge of Extinction,’ yet they don’t realize exactly how hard it is until they arrive. In the see above, Chris gets together with Reem Daly and Keith Sowell, who he recently played a submit casting a ballot out, on the left island. Obviously… they don’t have much compassion toward him when he reveals to them he was “played like a fiddle.”

“You know I’m not pitiful,” Keith giggles. “How’s it feel?” To that, Chris concedes, “It’s awful. I simply feel deceived.” Keith can’t resist the urge to toss some mockery in his previous clan mate’s face after that remark. “Gracious, that is the way it feels!?” he jokes. “Treachery?! Truly!?” Meanwhile, in a confession booth, Reem comes out with the simple truth of the matter. “He resembles… man, I got caught off-guard, I can barely handle it. Really!?!?” she says. “You casted a ballot me out and he completely caught off-guard Keith, so that is a painful but much needed insight. So offer me a reprieve! You’re not going to appear here and be greeted wholeheartedly. This is the thing that I experienced. Peruse the sign, brother! You’re not going to come in here to the freakin’ Holiday Inn. Too bad!”

The Manu clan lost three straight invulnerability difficulties to begin off the diversion. Reem was the first casted a ballot out, trailed by Keith, and afterward Chris. At the Edge of Extinction, they’re compelled to live with insignificant nourishment and VERY couple of assets, with the expectation that it will all satisfy and they’ll get an opportunity to gain their spot back in the diversion. Starting at now, it is hazy how and when that will occur.

The following scene of Survivor: Edge of Extinction show on Wednesday March 13 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.