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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris


Height:                                                                Hometown:
4′ 11″                                                                    College Park


Tameka ‘Small’ Harris (conceived July 14, 1975 in College Park, Georgia) is an American artist and lyricist. Most generally alluded to as Tiny, her stage name, Tameka is an individual from the melodic gathering, Xscape. Modest went ahead to work together with another R&B young lady gathering, TLC, as she added to their melody “No Scrubs.” It was her composition commitments that handled her a Grammy grant. The epithet Tiny originates from her petite stature at 4’11”.

Best Known For:

Modest is best known for her Xscape music and being hitched to T.I.

Individual Life:

Modest wedded “Carry on with Your Life” rapper T.I in 2010. Together, they share three children — two children and one little girl. In the wake of confronting a very long time of separation bits of gossip, Tiny uncovered that she petitioned for separate on December 27, 2016. Fans are conjecturing that boxer Floyd Mayweather had a remark with their split, as he was an enemy to T.I and a companion to Tiny in the meantime.


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