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Taylor Hawkins’ Kids: Everything To Know About Late Drummer’s 3 Children

The late Foo Fighters’ drummer leaves behind a tradition of three kids. Figure out additional about his child and two little girls here.

Taylor Hawkins was made due by his significant other Alison Hawkins and their three youngsters when he died at 50 years old on March 26. The Foo Fighters’ drummer was observed lethargic in his lodging in Bogota, Colombia during a South American visit with the musical gang. There were not many subtleties on how Taylor passed on after the news broke, albeit in light of fundamental discoveries, it seems he might have ingested too much, as per TMZ. While the examination concerning what caused his demise is as yet progressing, the Foo Fighters said in a proclamation that it was a “disastrous and troublesome misfortune.” Taylor’s last presentation with the band was on Sunday (March 20) at a show in San Isidro, Argentina.

While Alison and the kids still can’t seem to offer a public expression on the lamentable passing, the affection for their better half and father are evident. Figure out additional about the Taylor and Alison’s three children – Oliver, Annabelle and Everleigh – here.


Taylor wedded his long-term accomplice and artist Alison in 2005. Right around two years after the fact, they invited their first kid together, Oliver Shane. He goes by Shane, despite the fact that he was named after his dad, as Taylor’s first name is likewise Oliver. In 2018, a then 12-year-old Shane joined his pop and Foo Fighters’ lead artist Dave Grohl to play out a front of the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” as per Spin. Grohl was on guitar, Taylor on vocals, and Shane took over on the drums! At that point, Taylor kidded to ET Canada that Shane was “preparing himself to assume control over my occupation in around 10 to 15 years.”

Taylor additionally once conceded, during a 2020 meeting with Joe Daly, that he had composed a sweet melody about Shane with passionate verses like “Child of mine/you prepared for the incredible large world… ” However, it was never delivered on a collection on the grounds that Shane humorously went against to it.

As Taylor told the power source, “It got the whole way to perhaps being on the record, so I played it for my child and he goes, ‘Assuming you put that on your record, I will hit you directly upside the head! Assuming you will compose a melody about me, it’s have to seem like Metallica! I don’t need some weak a*, pssy melody about me, father!'”


Annabelle is Taylor and Alison’s subsequent youngster, and she just turned a teen with her new thirteenth birthday celebration! After Shane shut down his own melody being on a collection, Annabelle was prepared to take her dad up on having a tune about herself! Taylor told Joe Daly that Annabelle said, “You must have a melody about me!”

“I was like, ‘Indeed, I don’t have the foggiest idea,'” Taylor proceeded. “You’re the center kid and you’re behaving like a center youngster at the present time, looking for consideration and endorsement. Which I comprehend on the grounds that Shane’s generally in a difficult situation and the child’s (girl Everleigh) charming as f**k, so you’re in the center. However, you’re similar to my twin, as well.’ She truly is. So I thought, ‘For what reason don’t I simply call the tune ‘Center Child’?'”

The melody incorporates verses like “My little twin I’m here with you/Stay close and we will own it/How I love you center youngster/I see holy messengers when you grin.” It was picked in the U.K. as the lead single off Taylor’s independent collection called Get the Money. “‘Center Child’ is a greater amount of an English dandy tune, practically like a T. Rex. Flimsy Lizzy, glitz, mid Seventies glitz thing. So they adored it in the UK and I told my girl a few days ago, ‘Britain believes that should be the single!'” Annabelle, almost certainly, was purportedly elated.


Not much is known openly about the most youthful offspring of Taylor and Alison. Everleigh, presently 8 years of age, really showed up in the video for Annabelle’s tune “Center Child.” The youthful toddler should be visible utilizing a remote to flip through stations on a TV in the start of the clasp.