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Taylor Swift’s 12 Biggest VMAs Moments Over The Years: Kanye Interruption, Nicki Minaj Collab & More

Taylor Swift has experienced a LOT of good and bad times at the VMAs throughout the years, and we’ve gathered together all the greatest features!

In front of Taylor Swift‘s huge presentation to open the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 26, we’re glancing back at her history at the honor appear. She went to her first VMAs in 2008, yet 2009 was the year that REALLY had individuals discussing her. In addition to the fact that Tay gave a mind boggling execution of her melody “You Belong With Me” on the Subway and avenues of NYC, yet she was granted Female Video of the Year at the show! Obviously, what everybody truly recalls is the thing that occurred while she was tolerating that respect.

Indeed, we’re obviously discussing Kanye West raging the stage, snatching Taylor’s mouthpiece, and pronouncing that Beyonce ought to have won the honor. Taylor was left totally confused and shell-stunned, individuals still talk about the occurrence right up ’til today! The following year, Tay put on a fearless face and came back to the VMAs, where she played out a tune called “Guiltless” about the occurrence.

The 2015 VMAs were another famous year for Taylor. She strolled celebrity lane with a few individuals from her young lady squad, including Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid, to praise her profoundly named video, “Animosity,” which brought home Video of the Year. Prior to this show, Taylor and Kanye additionally squashed their meat, and she made that big appearance to give him the Video Vanguard Award. Obviously, it wasn’t some time before they had another dropping out, yet we’ll generally have the 2015 VMAs to think back on!

That year, Taylor additionally hit the phase for an unexpected presentation during the honor appear. In the days paving the way to the occasion, she had gotten into somewhat of a Twitter quarrel with Nicki Minaj. They uncovered that they settled their disparities, at that point demonstrated it when Taylor joined Nicki for her presentation that opened the show.

There’s bounty more where these originated from, however! Navigate the display above to look at some a greater amount of Taylor’s most vital VMA minutes.